Tens of thousands of motorcycles disappeared overnight in this third-tier city

The car was towed away before it was charged a few times. Recently, shared motorcycles have been frequently blocked in the sinking market. Shared motorcycles in Datong, Jiangmen, Tengxian, Hefei, Xiangyang and other places have been retired successively, and their lives are tedious. So, who has the final say on the fate of shared motorcycles?


The motorcycle that disappeared overnight

Recently, an article titled “All shared motorcycles were towed away! The hard policy is down! “The article broke the peace in the lives of some Datong citizens.

Tens of thousands of motorcycles disappeared overnight in this third-tier city 1

The article mentioned that because the number of shared bicycles and shared motorcycles of various brands has increased sharply, and users do not park their vehicles in accordance with regulations, the city appearance and the city’s property and personal safety have been seriously affected. After issuing the “Notice of Ordering Correction” to no avail, law enforcement officers of the Urban Management Bureau of Datong Pingcheng District took compulsory measures against all shared (motor) bicycles in their jurisdiction and handled them all to the temporary storage point.

Overnight, shared motorcycles in the main urban area of ​​Datong disappeared collectively, and shared motorcycle users without a car to ride began to complain.

“You can’t scan a car when you go out, and the people’s welfare is gone. It’s really’drunk’!”

“I just bought a 30-time cycling card for 7 yuan. The shared motorcycle is helping me!”

“Shared motorcycles disappeared overnight. It is extremely inconvenient to travel. There are few bus stops, fewer vehicles, and high fares.”

In Datong City, an ancient city located at the border of Shanxi, Hebei and Mongolia, the people’s travel habits are different from those of the north. In recent years, shared motorcycles have become the mainstream of Datong citizens. Compared with the “last 1 kilometer” shared bicycles, Datong citizens rely more on them. A convenient means of travel for 3 to 5 kilometers-motorcycles.

After the government’s move, Qingju, a shared motorcycle operator based in Datong, immediately issued an announcement on the cancellation of its operating area.

Tens of thousands of motorcycles disappeared overnight in this third-tier city 2

According to the announcement, “In order to maintain the cleanliness of the city, build a civilized cycling city, avoid vehicles from scattered outside the operation area, and maintenance difficulties may cause safety hazards. Starting September 2nd, the city’s motorcycles will cancel the Datong Pingcheng district operation. A dispatch management fee will be charged for motorcycles riding out of the operating area.”

A reporter from “IT Times” saw from the restricted area map drawn by Qingju that the city center of Datong is covered by a large blue area. It is roughly estimated that the area is 20 kilometers long and 13 kilometers wide. It is a well-known city wall belt in Datong. Zhuang Park, Fangte Happy World, Wenying Lake Forest Park, Datong South Railway Station, Datong University and other scenic spots belong to this area, and are the main urban areas with dense populations. This means that a large number of citizens can no longer enjoy shared motorcycle services.

Tens of thousands of motorcycles disappeared overnight in this third-tier city 3

At the same time, shared motorcycles leaving the city center of Datong began to sink to lower-tier cities.

The reporter noticed that in Lingqiu County, Guangling County, and Zuoyun County under Datong, shared motorcycles have recently begun to be introduced.

According to public information, on April 15th, Lingqiu County introduced the first batch of 360 pine cone motorcycles; Guangling county launched 600 pine cone motorcycles on May 1st this year; Zuoyun County started on July 15th. Merchants of Songguo Motorcycle Project.

Tens of thousands of motorcycles disappeared overnight in this third-tier city 4

Source: Guangling County People’s Government


“Super investment” doubled

On September 9, a reporter from “IT Times” called the four shared bicycle companies, Qingju, Hello, Miaoquxing, and Meituan, to learn about the operation of shared bicycles in Datong.

Both Haro and Qingju customer service said that the vehicles have been collected for maintenance, and some of Haro’s vehicles have been returned to warehouses for maintenance; Meituan customer service also said that they have already been collected.

As for when it will be relaunched on the market, Meituan has not yet given a clear answer. Qingju said: “It will collect data with local authorities to jointly determine the size of urban vehicles.”

Haro’s travel communication progress seems to be faster: “It has actively cooperated with the city administration to submit an operation plan for rectification and is currently communicating with the competent department about market share and subsequent re-commissioning.”

“Like other cities, in terms of management, Datong’s shared motorcycles have pain points such as overdelivery, serious road occupation, and vicious competition from enterprises, which seriously affect the appearance and safety of the city.” said a person from the Urban Appearance Division of the Urban Management Bureau of Datong City.

As for the overdelivery data, the above personnel did not respond positively. According to a previous report by Shanxi News, Datong has launched 40,000 shared motorcycles.

Before the government authorities in Datong forcibly removed shared motorcycles, blue, yellow, and green shared motorcycles were randomly placed on both sides of the road in the city. They were numerous and often occupied the blind roads.

A netizen broke the news that an open space in Zhijiabao Village, Yuhe West Road, Pingcheng District, Datong City has become a new shared motorcycle cemetery.

Tens of thousands of motorcycles disappeared overnight in this third-tier city 5

How to calculate the saturation of shared motorcycles? Earlier, Xiaolan Bicycle CEO Li Gang had estimated: “The number of permanent residents in a city divided by 150 to 200 is basically the city’s shared bicycle capacity.”

According to the 2019 population sample survey data, the permanent population of Datong City at the end of the year was 3.463 million. With reference to the above formula, it means that the capacity of shared electric bicycles in Datong City is between 17 and 23,000. According to the actual investment of 40,000, the actual The amount exceeds the saturation amount by about twice.

The greater the number of shared motorcycles, the greater the challenge to business operations. According to the operation and maintenance personnel of a Meituan motorcycle in Shandong, the operation and maintenance cost of motorcycles is significantly higher than that of ordinary shared bicycles. The number of motorcycles that can be operated and maintained per person per day is about 100. Based on this calculation, Datong needs at least 400 operation and maintenance personnel.

Behind the random parking of shared motorcycles is the shortage of operation and maintenance personnel.


The attitude of the Ministry of Communications has changed many times

Similar to traditional shared bicycles and even online ride-hailing, the development of shared motorcycles is still fettered by the regulatory attitude of local government authorities.

The Ministry of Transport has adjusted its attitude towards the development of motorcycles several times, which seems to imply the bumpy fate of shared motorcycles in the cracks.

On May 22, 2017, the Ministry of Transport issued the “Guiding Opinions on Encouraging and Regulating the Development of Internet Rental Bicycles (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)”, which clearly stated that it will not encourage the development of Internet rental electric bicycles (commonly known as “shared motorcycles”) .

Tens of thousands of motorcycles disappeared overnight in this third-tier city 6

Source: Ministry of Transport website

After just over two months, the attitude of the Ministry of Communications has changed.

The official document of the Ministry of Transport responded to the “Recommendations on Promoting Green Travel on Electric Treadmills” put forward by the Ministry of Political Affairs and Political Affairs of the Jiu San Society at the fifth meeting of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. For the development of Internet rental bicycles in China, relevant cities are encouraged to guide operating companies to put in service products such as electric treadmills that meet national standards to create a good environment for the development of electric treadmills.”

It is worth noting that just over a month later, Wu Chungeng, spokesperson of the Ministry of Transport, spoke again. According to the “Guiding Opinions on Encouraging and Regulating the Development of Internet Rental Bicycles” jointly issued by 10 ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Transport, each Cities can study and establish a vehicle delivery mechanism that is compatible with urban space carrying capacity, parking facilities resources, and public travel needs based on the characteristics of the city, public travel needs and the development positioning of Internet rental bicycles.

Tens of thousands of motorcycles disappeared overnight in this third-tier city 7

Source: Ministry of Transport website

So far, the management power of shared motorcycles has been clearly handed over to the relevant competent authorities of the local government.


A license is an admission ticket and a stumbling block

The clearest “identity card” for the compliance of shared motorcycles is the license plate. In this regard, many local government authorities are often “difficult to open.”

Tens of thousands of motorcycles disappeared overnight in this third-tier city 8

Shared motorcycle license, source: Anhui Traffic Broadcasting

According to an industry insider, some cities do not need to share motorcycle licenses and are in a state of “not encouraged or prohibited”. As long as companies can consciously operate, they are allowed to put motorcycles on.

For those cities that need a license, some can apply for a license directly from the competent government agency, and some also need to participate in a local bidding, and then launch after winning the bid.

The seemingly simple process is difficult to operate in practice.

In cities where platforms are not allowed, bicycle operators and large platforms will choose joint ventures to find companies with government resources or funds to cooperate and then share them; or directly cooperate with partners with government resources in the form of franchise.

Currently, on major recruitment websites, Didi, Meituan, and Haro also clearly list options for political and business resources.

For example, Harrow Travel recruits senior government affairs experts, government development experts, and senior government development personnel in Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Nanning, Kunming, Xi’an and other places. The monthly salary is between 13,000 and 40,000.

Tens of thousands of motorcycles disappeared overnight in this third-tier city 9

Didi is recruiting government affairs managers in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shijiazhuang, Hohhot, Tianjin, Kunming and other places, with a monthly salary of between 15,000 and 30,000.

Tens of thousands of motorcycles disappeared overnight in this third-tier city 10

The license is not only a ticket for enterprises, but also tests the government’s management ability to a certain extent.

“At present, due to the imperfect access system for shared motorcycles, there is no general control department.” The above-mentioned person from the Urban Appearance Division of the Urban Management Bureau of Datong City stated the management confusion and future management ideas. “If subsequent management measures are gradually Formally, each urban area will divide the amount of motorcycles released by different companies according to the needs of citizens, and gradually solve the problems of operation and parking regulations.


The platform looks forward to “controllable and open”

From shared bicycles to shared motorcycles, the chronic problem of random parking has not been properly resolved.

On the Sina Black Cat complaint platform, users have long-standing problems such as inaccurate positioning of shared motorcycles, inability to change cars at parking spots, and dispatch fees for parking in operating areas.

“The current industry GPS positioning accuracy is at the ten-meter level. Hello has now been adapted to Beidou positioning, and more accurate positioning can be obtained in the future.” Hello said.

Qingju currently uses a GPS+Beidou dual positioning module. A source from Qingju told the IT Times reporter that in normal road parking, due to surrounding buildings and electromagnetic interference, the positioning accuracy can be between 1 and 3 meters.

Tens of thousands of motorcycles disappeared overnight in this third-tier city 11

In addition to using technology, shared motorcycle companies are also trying to restrict users’ behavior.

For example, Haro’s “driver’s license score” is online, and the user’s uncivilized behavior will be deducted and penalized. When the score is deducted to zero, the user will never be able to use the shared motorcycle; Qingju relies on the user’s riding behavior sub-system and walks away. Relying on the free credit system to restrict users’ car use behavior.

Tens of thousands of motorcycles disappeared overnight in this third-tier city 12

“In the early days of the industry, excessive investment did exist. After market competition and regulation, companies realized the problems caused by excessive investment and became more rational. As a company, we also hope to strengthen supervision and management. To be honest, the government is reasonable Management is very important, otherwise everyone might go astray.”

Li Kaizhu, CEO of Harrow Travel, called for market opening in a controlled state. He said: “I hope that relevant government departments can establish a complete assessment and regular Dynamic deployment of entry and exit mechanisms. In terms of R&D, it is hoped that management departments will issue corresponding policies to encourage companies to develop new models of R&D or operations.”

Author/IT Times reporter Li Danqi

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