I was “sucked wool” by the company

Complementary, mutual benefit, love and hatred… What kind of relationship is between employees and the company?In the eyes of many Suning Tesco employees, the company may be comparable to a giant wage recovery machine. The requirement of “carrying goods” is like a shackle. Once it cannot be completed, the hammer of punishment will fall. What remains unchanged is the task, but the wage is reduced. .

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Just as the forest grows up and there are all kinds of birds, the company’s so-called “wonderful behavior” is not uncommon, like “salary return”, and for example, WeChat avatar sharing, they make many employees grit their teeth and helpless.

Yu Minhong, the founder of New Oriental and chairman of New Oriental Education Technology Group, once said at the annual meeting that some companies regard employees as burdens, but in his eyes, employees are the source of New Oriental’s creation and innovation. The employees of New Oriental did not live up to his expectations. On the same day, six employees “risked the risk of resignation” presented an adapted version of “Desert Camel”. While releasing themselves, their sentences pointed to internal management issues. The anticipated risk of resignation did not appear, but the rewards came-Yu Minhong not only shared the performance video by himself, but also offered to reward 120,000 yuan to employees who participated in the creation and performance. On the official website of New Oriental, the title of the full text of Yu Minhong’s speech at this annual meeting is “2019, set off again! ——What did Yu Minhong talk about at the annual meeting where employees were dissed? “, unobtrusive, frank and frank.

I was "sucked wool" by the company 1

In fact, in the face of a long or short career, it is difficult for a player in the game to sum up his feelings in one or two sentences. Although he has a dream at the moment of signing the contract, his passion and motivation are easy to stay day after day. Depleted in the study. If the company’s corporate culture emphasizes humanistic care, there is still room for respite. If it encounters strange behavior, it may add another fire to the heart on the verge of collapse, and the explosion is just around the corner.

Company make money company spend

According to The Paper, an employee of the Shenzhen branch of reported that in August this year, the person in charge of a store in the Shenzhen branch of the company passed on the “task” issued by the branch leader, and forced more than 30 employees in the store to purchase The Aishida wok, which is worth 299 yuan, uses this to “swipe the order” and is accompanied by punitive measures-failure to complete will be required to work overtime, and multiple failures will be fined 100 yuan.

The report mentioned that the work WeChat group chat record provided by the employee showed that on September 10, a person in charge of a store issued a notice: “Today everyone will store water for their own products, tomorrow will be the day of the independent task of 5000 large appliances, 3000 small appliances, 3C has one order per person, and counts as tweets. The shop-office assembly that is not completed at 20 o’clock.”

In response to this, responded that the company has formulated a strict management system to strictly prohibit false sales. Once violations are discovered, they will be dealt with seriously. In response to the problems reported by the media, internal investigations are underway. If there are violations, Suning’s attitude is zero tolerance.

The response focused on resolute opposition to the behavior of “swiping orders”, but in addition to the response, relevant discussions on social platforms focused on complaints against “forced employees to buy company products.”

Some Weibo users stated that it is not only business-related Suning Tesco employees who are assigned sales tasks, but also programmers and finance personnel who are required to carry out new user updates and product promotion. “If you don’t sell it, you can only digest it by the employees, and don’t let go of any relatives or friends. Routine operations are no surprise.”

At the beginning of this year, the President’s Office of Suning Holding Group issued an internal notice on “Requirements and Assessment Mechanisms for Employees of All Industries to Participate in Community Promotion”, requesting all management cadres (excluding terminal personnel) from all Suning industries (headquarters, regions), All participated in the social sales of Suning Twitter, Su Xiaotuan, and Yundian Mini Programs. From February 27th to 29th, each person required a minimum guarantee of 2 orders, and the total order amount reached more than 1,000 yuan. Those who fail to complete the assessment task will be punished by the difference, and those who have achieved the assessment task and are particularly excellent will be commended as a case. Whether it is completed or not, there is no escape from the training and learning arrangements related to community promotion.

I was "sucked wool" by the company 2

A former Suning Tesco employee said that the assessment did not only occur during the epidemic. The region not only has its own assessment, but also needs to participate in the assessment of the headquarters. “I am a small clerk, and I also have a 200-yuan out-of-store sales task every day. If I can’t push it out, it will be a red card. After three red cards, I will be the last to leave.” She laughed at herself as “Suning salary Suning flower, I want to take it separately. Come back home”.

WeChat avatar becomes advertising space

In fact, the aforementioned phenomenon has also occurred in other industries. Yi Ping, an employee of an insurance company, disclosed to Sina Technology that the company’s new products are listed and will require back office purchases or sales, but the position of back office does not involve sales. He mentioned that there was a type of insurance that required employees to complete certain indicators. “We were urged to buy, and then we took the time to return.” Although the company’s tasks were not very tough, Yi Ping still felt very uncomfortable. “This kind of thing is inherently unreasonable.”

Li Jia, who works for an operator, also said in an interview with Sina Technology that the company will open employee numbers for new recruits and bundle multiple services including ring back tones and memberships. The difference is that the company has established a telephone fee subsidy, as long as No more than the quota, employees do not have to pay for themselves.

If it is said that forcing employees to bring goods is the company’s arranging employee wool, then the following company’s approach completely blurs the line between employees’ work and life.

Earlier, employees of a shopping mall in Henan were asked to share daily promotional advertisements to WeChat Moments. They were also forced to change their WeChat avatars to promotional posters. They checked daily before get off work. If they were not completed, they would be fined 20 to 50 yuan. In an interview with Dahe Daily, employees of the mall mentioned that they were very resistant to the mall’s practices and believed that their privacy rights had been violated. “The mall should apologize to everyone.”

Source: Dahe News

Source: Dahe News

Coincidentally, a shopping mall in Jiangsu also asked employees to change their personal WeChat profile pictures and signatures into promotional content, otherwise they would be fined at least 50 yuan, and if they were not executed, they would be fired. In this regard, the person in charge of the shopping center said that the fines imposed by employees will not become corporate income, but will be used as bonuses to encourage outstanding employees. The person in charge also said that this is also for the good of the employees, “this is what a high-quality employee can understand and should do.”

Zhao Sheng, CEO of Zhaopin Recruitment, mentioned in an interview with Sina Technology that employees have the right to freely choose for similar requirements of the company. The company forces employees to cause bad feelings, and publicity will only bring short-term effects. “This is actually a destruction of corporate culture.”

Chen Wenming, director of Zhejiang Xiaode Law Firm, was also interviewed by Sina Technology and emphasized that whether the employer requires employees in non-sales positions to engage in sales or mandatory requirements for employees to post sales information to social media is a unilateral change of labor. The condition of the contract. As the content of work is a necessary content of the labor contract, the employer shall obtain the consent of the worker if it proposes to change the content of the work. Unless this is agreed in the labor contract, it is an illegal act to change the labor contract without authorization.

In Chen Wenming’s view, not occupying other people’s private space is the basic respect and recognition. “The act of forcing others to publish information that is beneficial to oneself violates basic ethics and legal norms, and also fundamentally violates the laws of new media dissemination.” He added.

Voluntary overtime becomes mandatory

Some seemingly absurd stories are evolving into real news happening around you and me.

Recently, #公司 requires employees to voluntarily sign a struggler agreement# on Weibo hot search, the protagonist is Chengyu Vanadium and Titanium Technology Co., Ltd. Its parent company is a subsidiary of Sichuan Chuanwei Group, which is the second largest steel company in Sichuan Province , Ranked among the top 500 Chinese enterprises.

The agreement circulated on the Internet shows that Chengdu Vanadium Titanium Technology Co., Ltd. requires employees to voluntarily sign the “Voluntary Application for Strugglers”. The text reads: “I voluntarily apply to become a company struggler, voluntarily perform non-instructed overtime, and voluntarily give up when the company needs it. Paid annual leave…” Giving up annual leave and overtime pay is only one aspect of “voluntary”. On the other hand, it is eliminated when the company is unable to satisfy the company, and there is no legal dispute with the company after resignation.

Source: Network

Source: Network

Subsequently, Chuanwei Group issued a statement in response to the matter, saying that the application form belongs to the supporting documents of the company’s “Struggle Rights Incentive Plan”. The form is transferred to employees, so that “strugglers” can enjoy the dividends of enterprise development.

I was "sucked wool" by the company 3

Li Min, a senior partner of Shanghai Hansheng Law Firm, analyzed to Sina Technology that the above practices are suspected of violating labor laws. He emphasized that employees can report to the labor inspection department where the company is located, and if they are eliminated from the last position, they are recommended to file an arbitration with the labor arbitration department to demand compensation from the company.

The “2019 Employment Relationship Trends Research Report” released by Zhaopin Recruitment shows that among the elements of corporate culture, more than 80% of employees choose to “respect employees”, and the high-pressure wolf culture is resisted. However, among the aforementioned phenomena, there is almost no respect for employees.

Some companies are still “grooming employees’ wool,” while some companies are beginning to look beyond their immediate performance and focus on the soft power of their corporate culture in the longer term. Lei Jun, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, put forward in his keynote speech on the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi that if Xiaomi wants to “start a new business”, talent strategy is the top priority. For Xiaomi, talent is the key to its future success.

Alibaba cancelled the weekly report system for employees. Grassroots employees no longer compulsorily write weekly reports. Some teams may require managers to write monthly reports of no more than 1,000 words. Necessary meetings such as morning meetings for employees have also begun to be cancelled, and the hierarchy has gradually faded. “Sequence rank is no longer displayed on the intranet.

After Alibaba used fancy names and English names for Tencent employees, Netease also advocated replacing “brother, sister, and general” with nicknames, hoping to enhance employees’ sense of belonging and identity, and emphasize equal communication between superiors and superiors.

Regardless of the outcome, a conscious attempt is always good. According to the “Global Talent Trends Report 2020” released by LinkedIn, 94% of HR professionals believe that employee experience is very important to future recruitment and human resources. 77% of HR professionals have paid more and more attention to employee experience and will It serves as a means to increase the retention rate of personnel. Some of the most popular benefits have nothing to do with money, such as remote and flexible work options.

Whether it is a screw in a large company or a gear in a small company, employees are people from beginning to end, not tools. Employees understand this truth, and many companies actually understand it, but pretend not to understand.

(In the text, Yi Ping and Li Jia are both pseudonyms.)