Ren Zhengfei: Huawei will gradually become experts in the future to avoid excessive monopoly of the power of the administrative management team

On October 10th, Huawei Xinsheng Community published an email issued by Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei, the main content of which was Ren Zhengfei’s report on the construction of the special committee, the R&D expert representative and the special committee representative’s symposium. Ren Zhengfei said that Huawei should achieve diversified management.Avoid excessive monopoly of AT (Administrative Management Team) power,The special committee is given certain personnel rights, and it is divided into AT, and the experts are given reasonable evaluation and effective incentives.

In addition, the establishment of special committees should be divided by professional field capabilities rather than administrative departments, responsible for team professional capacity building, mastering the macro-level direction of technology, insisting on evaluating experts by experts, and selecting various leaders.

“As our company’s management becomes more and more standardized, the role of leadership is more of an organizational role. If a leader pretends to be an expert, he will be biased and distorted. In the future, the company will emphasize the professional role.Experts should gradually take charge.“Ren Zhengfei said.

“Experts must have unwavering spirit,Realize personal heroism under corporate collectivismRen Zhengfei believes, “We allow individual heroism, but you must first have collectivism. If the innovation of experts is completely separated from the big platform, and one person works alone, and finally a module is created from the platform, it is not what the company needs.”

Ren Zhengfei: Huawei will gradually become experts in the future to avoid excessive monopoly of the power of the administrative management team 1

The following is the full text of Ren Zhengfei’s speech at the seminar on the construction of the special committee, the representatives of R&D experts and the representatives of the special committee:

The company’s talent management mechanism should be conducive to the growth and talents of experts and talents. The backward management mechanism will inhibit innovation, inhibit our progress, and inhibit our progress. R&D work is different from production system work. Our human resource management mechanism needs to be adjusted. We must change our evaluation system and long-term view of intellectuals. We must learn from the United States, Russia… to respect experts, otherwise we will not be able to perform correctly. Develop the value of scientists, experts, and talents. The special committee is centered on ability improvement, and it must assume responsibility and give power to professional ability planning and expert ability evaluation. Experts should be given professional decision-making power, similar to the way that the chief accountant makes the final decision on whether to enter the account, and decentralize power from the head of the department.

1. The company realizes diversified management, avoids the excessive monopoly of AT power, grants certain personnel rights to the special committee, shares good work with AT, and gives experts reasonable evaluation and effective incentives.

The company should avoid the monopoly of power by the AT team, resulting in unity of evaluation and distortion of values. The special committee must be given certain personnel powers and management diversified. The special committee is responsible for assessing the professional abilities of experts, and AT is responsible for assessing the responsible contributions of personnel.

The special committee must effectively play its role and be responsible for the management of the capabilities of personnel, but it does not necessarily have to schedule personnel and combat items. The AT team is more about arranging the combat positions of experts, and evaluating and appointing them based on combat results to promote the cyclical replacement of expert members. There is a separation of evaluation and employment, and the employment system is scientific. Taking the past education system as an example, teachers will not be able to get a letter of appointment next semester. They are very anxious at the end of this semester, because a good teacher will definitely get a salary increase with the letter of appointment. The school is of a relatively high quality of education.

In addition to the right to evaluate the skills of experts, the special committee can also have certain suggestion powers in terms of talent identification, echelon construction of experts, appointment, grading, etc. The suggestion power must have a certain weight, and AT cannot ignore the suggestions of the special committee ,veto.

The simple mechanism for experts to be graded by post and by product scale should be abolished; the restriction that the rank of experts must be lower than that of chief officials should be abolished, and seniority cannot be considered in the expert system. Expert registration and certification cannot be approved by the administrative team. The rating of experts must be comprehensively determined based on their contributions and abilities, and this must be reformed as soon as possible. The expert committee should come up with standards for expert certification and evaluate his abilities based on progress. Some exploratory and future research projects are explorations of uncertainty. It is difficult to produce results in the short-term, but they are valuable in the long-term. It is necessary to make persistent breakthroughs. Therefore, it is necessary not only to invest in the long-term, but also to research experts and his For team assessment, a reasonable evaluation system should be established from the beginning, which can use visual progress to affirm experts based on the progress of the research and the results of the process. If we follow our current assessment mechanism, Van Gogh will starve to death. The failed projects should also be evaluated objectively. In uncertain projects, we must firmly support giving space to experts and recognize that failed research and innovation projects are also successful. Especially research projects, most of them may fail (if most of them are successful, it means that they are too conservative), but at least they have cultivated talents. It cannot be completely rejected because a research project fails, nor can it be completely affirmed because a research project succeeds.

The evaluation of experts should be combined with skill improvement and accumulation, and the special committee will be responsible for the evaluation. At the same time, together with the performance evaluation of AT, the final comprehensive evaluation opinion will be made.

2. The establishment of special committees should be divided according to professional field capabilities rather than administrative departments. They are responsible for team professional capacity building, mastering the technical macro-direction, insisting on expert evaluation of experts, and selecting various leaders; the structure of the special committee should be Implement a tenure system, combining old, middle and young people. Senior experts must be proficient in their strengths, unswervingly pursue them, and have a certain degree of stability; intermediate experts must have a certain range of mobility to bring vitality to related fields, better activate the organization, and plan and strategically cross Fields and inter-departmental flows; young experts must leave the distance and move boldly, to absorb the true Qi of the universe, to absorb the rich earth Qi, have small successes, and know the process of success.

Special committees are divided according to professional field capabilities rather than administrative departments. They are responsible for the long-term construction of capabilities. They must maintain relative independence and stability in operation, and appropriately decouple from administrative organization adjustments. The special committee should stand at the company level and be responsible for the ultimate effect of improving the capabilities of professionals in this field, not just the professional ability of the organization under the jurisdiction of the director of the special committee.

The special committee should plan the strategic direction and implementation steps and measures for the development of technology and capabilities in a macro-level, and be responsible for the training of experts, job evaluation, and selection of technical, professional or module leaders (there can be one layer, two layers, etc.) to provide For the selection and appointment of AT, each department must also allow real experts to play a key role in technical planning, layout and structural decision-making. The process management of product development and technology research and development is still the responsibility of administrative organizations at all levels and the existing business management team. In the future, the special committee can set up several institutions (or groups, or modules) to be responsible for planning, expert training, expert job evaluation, expert use advice, etc., and experts can be hierarchically managed.

The director of the special committee must first have the ability of strategic insight, while professionalism and responsibility are also crucial to the quality of the operation of the special committee. In principle, the director of the special committee is assumed by the GPO of the first-level process function dimension, and the most suitable person can also be selected according to the needs by combining the monarch power and the democratic election.

There should not be too many administrative officials in the special committee. The purpose of leaders participating in the construction of special committees is to better enable experts to evaluate experts and select experts, not to replace experts. If you do not pass the Chief Executive’s professional examination, do not enter the committee. If the Chief Executive’s professional assessment results are good and he is willing to engage in professional work, he can be transferred to an expert. The rank of an expert may not be lower than that of the Chief Executive.

The special committee cannot take care of qualifications. It seems that this person will be included in the qualifications of the old. It cannot be “old, weak, sick and disabled”. It has to take the road of combining the old, middle and young, and iteratively. The members of the special committee adopt a tenure system, and members can be appointed on a rolling basis. During the term of office, the members of the technical committee have at least 1/3 of the time to work at the most basic level, circulating in circulation. The term of office of the special committee is three years. The personnel must be rolled up vertically to allow the highest level to go to the most basic level for practice. Multi-level circular scrolling to avoid rigid decision-making; and horizontal scrolling to promote the common progress of the platform.

Third, we must sort out the responsibilities and powers of experts for professional decision-making in the current business decision-making team (such as ST/IPMT/ITMT/SDT, etc.), and through reasonable expert decentralization, let experts truly master a certain professional decision-making power in combat. In order to emphasize the professional role in the promotion and support of combat, simplify management.

As the management of our company becomes more standardized, the role of leadership is more of an organizational role. If the leader pretends to be an expert, he will be biased and wronged. In the future, the company should emphasize the professional role, and experts should gradually take charge.

In daily operations, the responsibilities of supervisors and experts must be separated. First, it is necessary to clarify that the core value of experts is to solve problems. Experts must be able to discover problems, define the root causes of problems, and finally solve them. To solve problems, they must be able to participate in decision-making. When piloting the Dagang Village in Thailand, there was a “Jiecong Model”, that is, Zhu Jiecong, an expert who lays on the Internet every day, and is very familiar with the network. Therefore, Zhu Jiecong’s side is used to make business decisions on network traffic forecasting and planning and construction plans. Closed-loop, instead of going to the corresponding administrative organization to approve, this is the role of the expert, and it is not whoever decides. Therefore, the various powers in business development should be allocated among the decision-making team (such as ST/IPMT/ITMT/SDT, etc.), department heads, and experts. The problems in the professional and technical fields should be made by the people who know best. Subsequent changes should separate the respective responsibilities of experts, administrative organizations and supervisors, and gradually clarify what powers can be closed-loop by experts, so that experts can have part of the professional decision-making of operations and the power of local professional resources to gather, which simplifies management. Responsibility and power are equal to experts.

4. Through the vertical circulation of experts, speed up the team’s metabolism, eliminate the fittest, and generate leaders, so that new talents can grow up quickly; through the horizontal flow of experts, experts can enrich their knowledge and understand customers, and at the same time solve the problem of cross-departmental balance and restrict incompetent leaders. Promote management improvement.

It is necessary to promote the vertical circulation of experts, so that outstanding people can come up quickly and easily. Otherwise, in a layered way, when our new employees come in and want to be academicians, they should be 70 to 80 years old. At this stage, we must focus on how to get new and outstanding employees to be promoted quickly, and avoid the loss of outstanding talents caused by seniority ranking and a uniform promotion control model.

Appropriate counseling, reasonable evaluation, and patience should be given to foreign experts, new doctors, and talented young people. They are our hope for tomorrow. They can’t figure out the structure of the company for a while, and can’t make a big contribution for a while. Senior retired experts can be their mentors to help them become familiar with the company’s technical framework and accelerate the pace of growth. The industry’s top architects and advanced industry practitioners should be invited to give lectures, so that young people can understand and understand the architecture from the beginning, and they can know the structure of the target floor during the process of climbing, instead of groping for several years. It suddenly dawned on me later that I could see the whole picture when I reached the top. What is architecture? The “Yu Min configuration” of the hydrogen bomb has more practical advantages than the US “TU configuration”. Wait one or two years for them, and don’t use one-size-fits-all assessment methods to assess them. Once they (regardless of whether they are foreign, endogenous, or new employees) have made outstanding achievements, their contributions and abilities are matched, they can raise the target level from 13th and 14th as soon as possible, and of course 17th and 18th, and then Enter the normal development track. Because the talents at level 13-17 are potentially underwater and invisible, they will emerge at level 18.

Recruitment of external experts must be respected. Their external experience is conducive to our internal supplement and awareness, and is also a contribution to the company. Their external experience is equal to our internal position. They can also be certified for their qualifications. Constrained by whether there are direct contributions within the company and whether there are core deliverables.

Experts should flow reasonably. The purpose is to allow experts to enrich their knowledge and understand customers, and at the same time test their own products, technologies, and theories in practice, so as to facilitate better corrections. Then he returned to the carbine and came out to be the leader. Of course, if you don’t adapt or are inappropriate after the move, you can get it back soon. For experts, we have never asked for a faster flow, but a reasonable flow, flow only when flow is needed, and flow should not be too much if no flow is needed. For example, industry solution experts must dig deep into the industry and do not flow randomly across fields.

To promote the daily communication activities of interdisciplinary experts, it is possible for experts in different fields to have a cup of coffee together to generate new ideas, and it is possible to form a comprehensive advantage.

5. The company must be self-reliant, experts must be open, and it must work hard to learn Western advanced ideas, make good use of the company’s comprehensive platform to learn and absorb broad-spectrum knowledge, and exert comprehensive strength. Experts must have the unswerving spirit to realize individual heroism under company collectivism.

In dealing with the current situation in the United States, we must do a good job in the end. First, we must be self-reliant, and second, we must be open. Once we are self-reliant, we dare to open up. Experts cannot just work hard and burn themselves like a candle. In some aspects, you need to chew, but if you only do this, you are a nerd, because you don’t have broad-spectrum knowledge and strategic insight, you will get half the result with half the effort. Keep your head down and work hard, you are a self-employed farmer. The world is open. Turtle experts should strengthen their own westernization, go online more, read more literature, and work harder to learn advanced Western ideas, to be a battery that keeps charging, and then to be a lighthouse to burn themselves to illuminate others.

Experts must dare to participate in the battle, you cannot improve comprehensively without participating in the battle. Don’t think that you are doing this, you can only do it vertically. Participating in the battle can not be stubborn, because the battle will have multidisciplinary experts together, you have to absorb nutrition from others, understand other people’s structures, equations and other things, together to form a comprehensive platform. It is difficult for our company to surpass the United States in terms of big advantages. The United States has strong technology, but we have the strength when combined. End, tube, cloud, and core-there is only one company in the world, Huawei, and the integrated platform is our advantage. We can completely become the world’s first in this comprehensive advantage.

The company advocates individual heroism under collectivism. We allow individual heroism, but you must have collectivism first. If the innovation of experts is completely separated from the big platform, and one person works alone, and finally a module is created from the platform, it is not what the company needs. For example, Hongmeng will be a big plate in the future, and a plate will be filled with many dumplings and meatballs. Dumplings said: “I don’t want this plate, I want to hang in the air”, how can it work. In our company, it is impossible for you to make small apples and small carrots with such a high salary. We must take the platform as the center, let partners and ecological partners do small products, and we can provide support and guidance.

Experts must have the unswerving spirit if they want to bring out the value. One is that you have to shout, and you can’t wait for others to discover. We know that coal and oil are here for tens of millions of years. Regarding unreasonable human resources policies, you should attack as soon as you should attack and shout in your heart. Together, it is possible to change the world and break the bureaucracy. The second is that we have to build a mechanism that is conducive to the growth of people and the display of talents.

6. The transformation of the expert team can start from the product line, carry out steadily, and explore forward.

Now I think that the reform of the team of experts should not be promoted in the market first. First, try ICT R&D, find a product line, first explore, and find out the experience.

The scale of the pilot should not be too loud and the voice should not be too loud. Cross the river by feeling the stones. We will discuss it again every time we walk and keep moving forward.