The celebrity training class started a few years ago.

A large group of “female ladies” are coming soon! The enrollment guide for a small county socialite training class stated plainly: “This is a two-minute world. You only have one minute to show people who you are, and another minute to make them like you!” A high-end socialite full of isolation. The slogan of the training company is: “From woman to goddess, from ordinary to extraordinary.”

Advertisement for a training class for ladies in a small county

Advertisement for a training class for ladies in a small county

Enter “Ladies Training Class” in the search engine, and 750,000 results will pop up. From Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to the fourth- and fifth-tier county towns, various training classes for celebrities have sprung up.

Celebrities are becoming a hot word in China nowadays. Some people say, “Aristocrats are light, air, and stars.”

It turns stone into gold. When “females” and “vocational technical training”, two words with very different auras, are combined into “female vocational training schools”, the enrollment is as popular as “Lan Xiang”.

When an article describing the life of ordinary people in the suburbs of Beijing, titled “Celestial Ladies’ Life Guide”, it became a hot article with more than 100,000 views.

In a big city, to become a celebrity, the “treatment” takes about 10 days and the price is 80,000 yuan. “It’s the money for an Hermes bag.”

If you don’t have money but you have a heart for celebrities, you can also find a quick way in the small advertisement. The colorful website reads “A certain county socialite training class”, the registration phone number and QQ are shown in bright yellow boxes, and the dialog box pops up from time to time to ask: “Do you want to be a socialite?”

“Beijing’s courtyard houses should be demolished. People are not worthy of living.”

On May 20th, a high-end ladies training school in Beijing started a two-day experience class at a cost of 8,800 yuan.

Classes were held in a courtyard with a combination of Chinese and Western styles, gray bricks and black tiles, with bamboo and chrysanthemum planted at the door. There are huge French windows in the office and modern paintings on the walls. The courtyard house is located in a narrow alley, surrounded by residents’ shops, public toilets and building sand piles. On the back of it is the lively and “cheesy” Guijie Street.

When I came to the experience class on the first day, the student Yashuang could not stop complaining, “Your place is too difficult to find. Fortunately, I drove a small car today. If I drive another big car, I will never get in.”

Yashuang is a Beijing accent, a returnee, born in the 1980s, has two daughters, and her daily job is to take her children around the world to play.

“There is shit at the door of the Siheyuan. If you are not careful, you will be lucky today.” Yashuang came to the classroom first, muttered to the staff, and threw Chanel’s shirt on the back of the chair.

The staff prepared lemonade and tea early and placed them on the rose coaster. The tables, chairs, doors and windows are made of solid wood, and even the tissue boxes are made of wood. Rows of porcelain are decorated inside the classroom, reflecting the soft light.

There are only 4 students in this classroom that can accommodate 12 people. A pair of mother and daughter came from Chengdu on a special trip. Mother Dong Ying is in her 50s, with traces of time on her face, but she is in good shape. She started a company in Chengdu with others; her daughter Wanting works in a bank My skin is as smooth as porcelain, and there are few words. I heard that I will go to the Cliff Hotel in Phuket for a wedding soon.

The latest student to arrive is the senior female executive Gao Hang who is working hard in the capital circle. The work and rest follow the market. She leaves work at 3 in the morning and has to follow the opening at 9 in the morning. She wore a burgundy dress and flat shoes. She didn’t have time to make up. She also responded to reports from her subordinates in the WeChat group from time to time in class.

At 10:30 in the morning, teacher Bihong appeared in the classroom on time. She is one of the three teachers in this school. “Do you usually like to eat western food?” Bihong asked the four students in the first row.

“Once a month.” Yashuang said with a big deal. “I don’t like to eat, I only eat for social activities.” Gao Hang said.

For the next two hours, Bihong was flipping through the PPT while talking about the table manners of Western food. The student drew a large circle on the notebook to represent the plate, with several knives and forks drawn on each side.

“If you have been to Italy, you must have heard of the Medici family.” The members of this family will be decorated with silk lace and precious stones, 4-inch high heels, perfume, folding fans and the most advanced diamond cutting technology at the time, as well as easy riding belts. Enter the French court and teach French nobles how to elegantly cut steaks, eat ice cream, and decorate tables with crystal clear glasses. The last member did not lose elegance and dignity because of the decline of the family-always used silver tableware and always traveled in an 8-horse-horse car.

The family engraved the clan emblem on the tableware. Bihong pointed to the picture on the PPT, and drew two more strokes on the simple blackboard, from the placement of the tableware to the history of the development of the tableware. “Our school treasures a whole set of Tableware.” The trainee nodded as if sifting chaff.

“My set of tableware is hundreds of thousands of yuan, customized from France.” Sara from Hong Kong is the other founder of this school. She is wearing a champagne-colored dress. Although her hair is loose, she deliberately blows out the curls. “The side of this tableware is made of 24K gold, and there are hand-painted flowers and butterflies inside. The master has read biology and knows what kind of butterfly goes with what kind of flower.”

Candles, crystals and flowers are placed around the exquisite tableware. Bihong showed another photo of the White House dinner, telling the students where to put the wine glasses, whether the teeth of the fork are facing up or down.

In the next day and a half, they will also learn how to dress, how to drink English afternoon tea, and whether the scones for afternoon tea should be topped with cream or strawberry jam.

“The biggest investment in life is not jewelry or limited edition bags, but the ability to have a sense of pleasure and happiness, and to bring joy and happiness to others. This ability is presented in life. : You will be at the right time, say the right words, do the right things, and have the right gestures. Your aura always conveys the culture and etiquette that symbolizes the height of your soul.” They wrote on the admissions copy.

Translated into a more straightforward version of this passage is, “In business situations, etiquette is a very simple and useful thing. It is a free way for others to help you, because it is easier to speak softly than to command aggressively. Achieve the goal.” Sara said in an earlier interview with the media.

Nowadays, celebrities are more practical than ever. In “The Last Nobleman,” Zhang Yihe once described her in mind, Kang Youwei’s 70-year-old daughter, Kang Tongbi, a celebrity: “She is wearing a cyan dark-flowered soft satin long-sleeved cheongsam. The wide knurled brocade. The lavender-brown silk scarf tied around the neck and the flesh-colored coral pin on the chest are like a flowing wave under the refraction of the sun, adding a touch of vividness.”

Decades later, facing the capital city full of mansions, Zhang Yihe said: “Beijing’s courtyard houses should be demolished, and the people today are not worthy of living.”

“The New Third Board and real estate will quickly replicate a group of wealthy people. These needs need to be met.” Gao Hang said quietly, “Why do I sign up? I just want to learn the visiting etiquette. It will definitely not work if I am completely mixed in this circle.” She walks quickly and speaks directly, “I want to learn how people live comfortably.”

“There are no celebrities, but it’s a business trick.”

The comfortable life attracts not only the rich, but also the girls scattered in the county seat.

In a training class for celebrities in a central county, the girls practice walking and smiling in thick down jackets in a poorly lit exercise room. A few days later, they squatted on the ground to take graduation photos-they became “female ladies”.

In this small county, girls waiting to become celebrities choose to meet in the newly opened Dicos, the highest-end Western social occasion in the county. In the afternoon, everyone will go to the small town cafe in the mall to sit, play poker, chat gossip, and shop. It is also the highest-end shopping mall in the county, “very high-end”; in the evening, go to the Jack Western Restaurant on the entertainment street, eat steak, drink some wine, greet the boss in advance, put together a long table, and Central Eight The long table in “Downton Abbey” played is exactly the same, full of aristocratic atmosphere; at night, I go to the hottest KTV together, and I can choose songs on the computer, which is very advanced.

Among the hundreds of thousands of “Ladies Training Classes” searched out, a “Ladies Vocational Training School” has been listed in the front. Exaggerated shapes and headdresses hung on the website, “We are training stylists.” The staff replied, when asked what is the relationship with the word “Lady” in the school name, the other party said “I don’t know either.” .

Another training class for exquisite ladies in Tongling only offered two sessions. In the second three sessions, courses on homemade nutritious juice, exquisite desserts, and introduction to tea ceremony were arranged. The staff said, “This is a sales promotion method for the mall.”

In comparison, Tsinghua University’s “Advanced Women’s Advanced Seminar” looks much more high-end. There are no common computers and foreign languages ​​in the curriculum. The emphasis is on taste edification, beauty shaping, psychological counseling and management skills, including high-end social and wine culture, art appreciation and investment, Chinese learning wisdom and corporate management… and the teacher It is also a “halo”, including well-known writers Bi Shumin and Hong Huang, CCTV Spring Festival Gala stylist Xu Jing, and international cultural celebrity Jin Yuxi.

Hong Huang once said that everyone is saying that contemporary Chinese culture lacks powerful works. This has something to do with most people making money. With such economic growth, how can culture not retreat, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman. I’m thinking about how to make money. No one has the leisure time to paint, compose, and write novels to think about the meaning of life.

“There are no celebrities, but it’s just a business trick.” Zheng Yefu, a professor of sociology at Peking University, told a reporter from China Youth Daily and China Youth Online. “We have already bid farewell to the era of ladies, and now the’society’ is the era of commodities. Product.”

A media person who has observed this school rolled his eyes, “I understand that food and clothing are culture, not skills. I will tell you these ways in three to five days. Mastering spoken English in 30 days is a logic, and they are all aimed at society. Impatience.”

Rebecca, who thinks he is always elegant, feels that his peers’ approach is impetuous. Some trainers gave lectures in large venues with hundreds of people, crying tears to tell the tragic story of being abandoned by men, and finally became the winner of life through etiquette practice. The applause did not fall, and more than 10 pos appeared in the audience. The staff of the machine encouraged the audience to sign up and pay.

Some people are personable on the stage, and when they step off the stage, Erlang’s legs are lifted; some books on etiquette do not need to be opened after reading the cover, and the designs are colorful, and all kinds of people write inscriptions, “too ugly”; some training courses Directly call “Celestial Ladies Crash Course”, “Call this name and pay attention to the form at first glance.”

Rebecca said that after a few days of classes in their school, someone turned around and opened a class to train others.

“Why do everyone want to be a celebrity? Because they can make more money, it is difficult for foreign stratums to cross. Not only depends on money, but also on character and quality. China is divided by money. Why is impetuous? Everyone started from the same starting point. , One is poor and the other is white. Now there is a big gap. People can’t bear it and want to be famous overnight. Those who have no money will start to hate the rich.”

No matter how noisy it is outside the hutongs, with the sound of decoration, the ladies’ training in the courtyard is still going on in an orderly manner. Sara taught a French meal class for everyone. She is the soul of this school, showing confidence in her gestures. “People who pay attention will use a 24k gold spoon, take a bite of cold caviar, and drink a bite of vodka to refresh.” She talked about how to pronounce caviar, oysters, foie gras, truffles, and oil-sealed duck in French, and at the same time told What kind of ingredients are more “noble”.

Steaks are only medium-rare or fresh in order to eat the beef that has been massaged; some place in Russia has the best caviar, and some of them have been banned from hunting. “My best girlfriends are Russians in New York. In a restaurant, someone handed her a black market menu as soon as we sat down.” When skiing with family in Switzerland, cheese fondue is never wrong.

Although some people questioned Sara’s French pronunciation, and wondered why she only taught pronunciation and did not teach how to eat, students still carefully wrote down what she said.

A “female lady” who did not want to be named once talked about the common hobbies in the circle. Everyone got together and talked about which country’s hot air balloon is the most fun, which country is the best for meditation, where is the best skiing, and where can you take the snorkeling test? certificate. “It’s not a pretense, it’s a unique love of life.” She added.

“We should talk less about makeup and more about the inner things.”

Unique passion is sometimes not “unique”. Teachers in the ladies’ training class teach people how to copy “unique”. They quickly transformed women of various “styles” into well-behaved ladies with gestures and slight smiles.

“My biggest investment is skin care products. The money for skin care products is the biggest difference between you and others.” The young teacher Bihong said while explaining that the new pimples on his chin were caused by spicy food.

In addition, she also taught some how to choose underwear, how to maintain her hair, and how to remove her hair. In short, “an elegant woman must be groomed wherever her body is exposed.” At the same time, everyone has a soft ruler in front of them to test whether their waist-to-hip ratio is as sexy as Marilyn Monroe.

The celebrity wind blows to the motherland, and even Taobao has this ready-to-wear category: the fabric is luxurious and elegant but not exaggerated, and the classic hourglass-shaped silhouette and the cocoon-shaped part are combined with a Hepburn flavor. The tulle material is looming under the jacket, and the embroidery and printing are exquisite and not cumbersome. It can be said that this season’s catwalk celebrity style model.

Yashuang left first when she heard about it. She rushed to attend the children’s performance without saying goodbye to the new classmates. She had also heard that a French woman was invited by the school to talk about “The Art of Seduction”, “I should talk less about makeup and more about the inner things.” She said.

But the celebrities on the assembly line still have a lot of “external” to learn. Such as the introduction and pronunciation of luxury goods, flower arrangements, aristocratic sports, wine tasting, jewelry matching, hat etiquette, how to give gifts, table conversation skills, how to be more photogenic, public speaking, men’s clothing tasting, etc.

Dong Ying holds the gold-rimmed teapot handle in one hand, presses the lid with the other hand, and slowly pours out the tea, the tray with milk and sugar is bright, reflecting her face, and the hat with complicated patterns on top of her head wrapped in blue lace. .

Everyone wears a bulky top hat. The teacher said that the hat can have a subtle modification effect on the face. After wearing the hat, the posture is shaped, the contours of the eyes and cheekbones are more prominent, the bad hair is also hidden, the drooping brim will make your face appear smaller, and the feathers and decorations on the hat will soften the facial lines .

The teacher did not forget to remind you not to wear a hat after 6 pm, and you can change to wearing a headgear after 6 pm.

Students are sometimes taken to have afternoon tea with the ambassador’s wife. Such a real-life practice of “pretending to be a family” makes people feel the atmosphere of the salon in Flaubert’s novels. Western-style dim sum is placed next to a tower.

Another unavoidable celebrity creation process is to explain the noble movement. “Why is equestrian a noble sport?” Rebecca asked.

“Because it costs a lot of money.” Others answered.

“It also costs a lot of money to play mahjong, why not aristocratic sports?” Rebecca asked.

No one answered her. “What is more expensive than money? Time! Riding not only requires money, but also a lot of time to cultivate tacit understanding with horses. A person who likes horsemanship not only proves that he is rich, but also shows that he has free time.”

The talent of a few people is called aristocratic sports, and the life of celebrities must also create this sense of isolation and ritual. They know how to take measures, low efficiency, energy consumption, and never create GDP as their responsibility.

Sara said that she rode on horseback before walking, “When riding, this horse can take me away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and it will make my heart quiet.” Rebecca laughed at herself as being very “pretentious”. She ate mooncakes when she was a child. Take the plastic knives and forks in the box and cut them one by one. “I like to be in touch with beauty and elegance.” She said.

With this process, beautiful and elegant ladies will soon be released. Rebecca held his head high and told a “success” case. The protagonist is a 40-year-old Taiwanese student who is very busy and talks quickly. She finished the course in three stages. After studying for 4 days for the first time, she went back and posted photos of herself arranging flowers on WeChat. Her younger brother looked very frightened, “Sister, is this you? I’m not mistaken, is my sister actually arranging flowers?”

This sister works as a special assistant to the chairman of the board. After finishing the course, she has a meeting with an old customer. The old customer is notoriously “slapped”. She never looked at her directly. She shook hands with her in an unprecedented way that day.

“Because your behavior has changed.” Rebecca replied to the excited Taiwanese student on WeChat. The student also said that someone started pressing the elevator door for her. “Because he thinks you are a lady, you are in danger of bending over.” The teacher replied to her slowly.

This is how a celebrity was made. Rebecca said that many students get 60 points when they come and 80 points when they leave. When he came, he was carrying a shiny bag and wearing clothes that did not fit his own characteristics, although the brand might be the most popular at the moment. They don’t understand themselves. Some people are not tall and put on a tall bun. On the contrary, they visually enlarge their heads, turning nine-headed bodies into six-headed bodies.

“Some girls look very feminine, but they can’t speak or walk. When they speak, they speak loudly, and when they walk, they take the eldest sister’s style.” Rebecca always sat in front of the French window, and a fly flew around. Flew away, and finally landed on the precious tea set with gold rim.

This is the production workshop where the daughters to be married are packed, increasing the charm to please the opposite sex, which is a major motivation for practicing etiquette

“The good-quality man sits on the opposite side, his outfit is not glamorous enough, the boat he admired turns over when he flips; the boat with his husband appears on the stage, and he can’t wear a decent style, the boat of status flips when he flips; the girlfriends parties are more fashionable and shining than me. The self-confident boat will turn over if you talk…” The slogan of the socialite training class directly hits the needs of users.

A media colleague told reporters the story of a “female” in a fourth-tier city. She was a very ordinary little girl, but one day her boyfriend dug coal in her house, and since then she started calling herself “a lady”.

Everyone used to eat beef noodles together. Later, his boyfriend came to see her at school, walked around in the cafeteria, and said angrily, “How can you eat this kind of broken stuff?” He gave her a bank card and asked him to give him breakfast every day. Take pictures, no less than 100 yuan.

Since I got this card, the “Lady” has changed it from head to toe. In the past, in order to pool the money to buy the album of idol Zhang Jie, he could skip meals. Now the skin care products have been changed from Dabao to Hailan Mystery; I used to exchange with the little sisters in the bedroom. Wearing old clothes, now my boyfriend takes it to the counter to buy clothes, and he must throw a wad of cash on the counter. “Celebrities” also told the poor students in a serious manner that they must not buy white bags when buying LV bags, as they tend to turn yellow.

At first, the classmates thought she was joking about calling herself a “female lady”, and then they made fun of her, but later found out that she was serious. “Tomorrow I’m going to get married in Hokkaido, will you come?” One day, “Lady” suddenly said a word among the classmates. At first, everyone gave her a thumbs up to her circle of friends, but then she blocked it. “In fact, she has a petite figure, and she has to wear big furs. She looks like a child wearing adult clothes.”

After getting married, she changed several jobs, and then she didn’t do anything at all, calling herself a “living family”. In the past, everyone obviously lived in the dormitory. Now she tells the classmates whose sofa and TV are crowded together that they live in a “home of grape branches and tender leaves” and there is a swing on the roof of the villa.

“Celebrity ladies” once tweeted about the poor quality of a security guard. “This kind of person should watch me drive the Land Rover past him every day.”

Many people think “Are many local tyrants coming to learn and women who want to catch golden turtles to learn”, but in fact “there are no local tyrants to come to my class, and local tyrants are still buying Hermes bags. My client bought Hermes 10 years ago. Today’s bags have higher demand.” Sara said.

This training school teaches married women how to plan their children’s future and how to assist her husband with business and family affairs; if it is an unmarried Shuyuan, she will switch to personal career planning and love etiquette.

“Don’t order something you haven’t eaten just because you are dating a guy. Don’t order lobster or noodles. It’s more convenient to cut, like steak or cod.” Rebecca talked about love etiquette, aiming to tell the girl how to give it. Boys leave the impression of ladies.

Sara will ask successful men around her what they think of women and find that men still value some classical traits when measuring women, such as being polite, gentle and considerate.

She always tells a story to students. A “high-quality” man complained that he broke up recently. 99% of the characteristics of his ex-girlfriend can be a good wife, but only 1% can’t—she verbally scolded the restaurant waiter.

Many outstanding women with good backgrounds and returning from studying abroad will ask Sara how to get along with men. “When I was a child, I often listened to those ladies and aunts chatting with their mothers. I felt that it was not easy to be a full-time wife. It was the woman’s fault that the child didn’t teach well, and it was also the woman’s fault that the man had Xiaomi… I learned a lot over time. .”she says.

Some people commented that this is the production workshop where the daughters to be married are packed, and increasing the charm to please the opposite sex is a major motivation for practicing etiquette here.

“None of the well-educated women and the well-respected ladies graduated from the training class.”

In the classroom, almost no one asked the origin of the term “celebrity”. Few people trace their origins. These two words first appeared in the dictionary of American sociologist Veblen. Nowadays, “Lady” has almost become a conventional “concept.”

“Business has broken this concept and it doesn’t deserve the name.” Shen Yifei, an associate professor at the School of Social Development and Public Policy at Fudan University, said that Internet celebrities who show the lives of “females” on Weibo can quickly attract onlookers. A WeChat title has two more “females”. Word reading volume will double immediately.

She said that the “wild ladies” all over the street are the result of excessive consumption.

Rebecca tried to avoid the term celebrity and named the school’s curriculum “Shu Yuan”. She thinks that “female ladies” have gradually lost their original intentions like “young ladies”. However, in economically underdeveloped places, “imitating celebrities” and “transforming celebrities” are still the trend in small towns. Once the title of “celebrity” is crowned, school enrollment will become popular.

Shanghai-style writer Cheng Naishan stated in “Shanghai Lady” that local celebrities must meet three criteria: one is a well-known daughter; the other is both talented and attractive; and the third is to contribute to society and the women’s world.

The last point is the most important thing. Whether it is the noble daughter of the old family, the official lady of the Beiyang government, or the aristocratic lady of the national capitalist or literary master, the role cannot be just in the living room or the ballroom. Talking about the wife of the wind and snow.

Someone compares the actresses of the past with the actresses of today, and concludes that the actresses of the past have a new feminine style, but today’s actresses show more of a sense of amorousness similar to the Qinhuai River. In such an entertainment era, how can an actress with a celebrity temperament be produced?

Chen Danqing once said, “Educated women, well-respected celebrities, none of them graduated from the training class… Not to mention that there is no celebrity in our society, but when models come out, I look very inferior and have no content. .”

Zheng Yefu also believes that there are no celebrities at all. When asked whether Yang Jiang, who has just passed away, is a celebrity, he said, “You should ask her while she is alive and see how she answers. She has How long do you live with your tail sandwiched?”

Some people say that “aristocrats” are a spillover from this society, and have nothing to do with pragmatism. They are the ideals left after the realization of the ideals of civilians. Some people lamented that the innocence of the 1950s and the idealism of the 1980s were as uncopyable as the ladies.

In the two-day experience class, none of the students wearing top hats for afternoon tea mentioned that “the ladies are essentially contributing to society and the women’s world.” After learning the table manners, the 4 students were taken to a French restaurant with an average of more than 500 yuan per person. This is more like a test. Plates of exquisite food were placed on the dining table. The students stared with wide eyes, peeking at how the teacher picked up the knife and fork, and at what angle the knife and fork should be placed after eating.

The quiet Wanting secretly said to her neighbor, “I want to take a picture, but I am embarrassed.” Later, she still took pictures of Russian caviar and desserts with unclear names. On the way back to Chengdu, she satisfactorily pressed upload key.

(In the text, Yashuang, Dong Ying, Wanting, and Gao Hang are pseudonyms)