Ren Zhengfei: China’s chip design has become a world leader, and the problem lies in manufacturing equipment, basic industries, etc.

On November 10th, Huawei Xinsheng Community released the “Speech of President Ren at the Visiting Symposium of C9 University Presidents.” In the e-mail, Ren Zhengfei said that our country must re-recognize the chip problem. China has already stepped into the world’s leading chip design. Huawei has accumulated strong chip design capabilities. However, the main problems are that there are problems with manufacturing equipment, basic industries, and chemical preparations. Every piece of equipment and every material in chip manufacturing is very sophisticated and difficult to make. There are no high-end experienced experts to do it. Not coming out.

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Ren Zhengfei believes that to correctly understand the connotation of technological innovation, domestic top universities should not pay too much attention to the current difficulties in engineering and applied technology, but should focus on breakthroughs in basic scientific research, “pierce through the sky and take root down”, and strive to Make the country and industry not difficult in the future.

Ren Zhengfei: China's chip design has become a world leader, and the problem lies in manufacturing equipment, basic industries, etc. 1

The following is the original text of “Zong Ren’s Speech at the Visiting Symposium of C9 University Presidents”:

1. Through the training department and strategic reserve team mechanism, Huawei has achieved employee capacity enhancement, knowledge transfer, and will sharpening, and selected cadres and experts to enhance the team’s business capabilities.

Today I will briefly introduce Huawei’s training mechanism. The company has three training centers. The ICT customer training center is in Hangzhou, and the cloud and IT customer training center is in Guiyang. These two training centers are profitable. The staff training center is in Dongguan.

You just visited the “Huawei University” library and Sanyapo Park. The staff training center has two departments, one is called the training department and the other is called the strategic reserve team. BGI is a non-existent organization. These two departments call the place where we are now “Huawei University” campus. The purpose of not calling the University of China is to prevent them from aligning with formal universities, blindly formalizing them, and adding too many administrative departments.

The Training Department is a platform for the human resources department in charge of teaching and education. In fact, it is a coordinated scheduling platform organization. Its teachers are the company’s outstanding generals and experts part-time. At the same time, excellent external experts and scholars are invited to give lectures.

The strategic reserve team is an organization of the teaching team of the general cadre department. The strategic reserve team adopts a student system, and a considerable number of students are trained with high wages. The reserve team does not care about the increase or decrease of the salary of the trainees, but the salary of the original rank brought by the trainees is paid by it, including travel expenses and wages. Nearly 10,000 people train here every year. They come from 170 countries. They used to include foreign employees. Foreign employees could not come because of the epidemic. Now Chinese employees account for a large proportion. The induction training for fresh graduates is also here, which is also a student system.

Under four scenarios, trainees will go to the training department and strategic reserve team to train and empower:

First, whether the employees of the company are graduates from world-renowned universities, doctors, masters, or undergraduates, they have achieved outstanding results in successful practice after working in the company for a few years. They may have to be promoted, so they can come here for retraining and re-empowerment. . If he doesn’t do well in the exams, he will return to his original work and continue his original job; if he has a good exam and the past assessments, he will have the opportunity to be selected to work in another rank, giving him a chance to enter a new battlefield, but he will not increase his salary. . The best people have this opportunity once every two or three years. After 3 to 4 opportunities, it will be 12 to 15 years. A college student, a doctorate, who enters the company is 21-25 years old, plus 15 years about 35-40 years old, just suitable to serve as quite senior cadres and senior experts. Not everyone has the opportunity to walk through these four steps. People at different steps have their jobs distributed in steps, forming a pyramid structure of talents. People who are not trained can also go up to all levels. Training is a high probability. And this pyramid is alive, it progresses with the progress of time, technology, and business model.

The second is that after the United States suppressed us, some product line departments have shrunk, and those who have contracted need to be transferred to new positions. Therefore, they can apply to any department after they are transferred to the strategic reserve team for empowerment and transfer. Business needs If you pass the department interview, you can send people away. However, if the employee is originally at level 17 and the new position is at level 18, he is not allowed to be promoted, and he is still employed at level 17. However, if the original employee is at level 18, if he finds a position at level 17, he must first be lowered before leaving. Transferring people to grinding cores is a mechanism to give full play to the potential of employees.

The third is that employees can nominate themselves to the reserve pool, and find jobs by themselves after being empowered. Therefore, the reserve pool implements the final elimination of employees who have been unable to work for a long time. Employees cannot always fail to take up their jobs. If the job search period is too long, and if there is no contribution, the salary will be reduced successively.

Fourth, new employees must be trained after they come in. For example: rules and regulations, ideological and moral training. In addition, it is cognition and skills training. You must know what Huawei does and need an internship. It will take some time to participate in the hard installation and soft adjustment of simulated delivery. The future hard installation base will be in Guizhou. Guizhou mountainous areas can simulate various working environments around the world. Several of these young children formed a group, and the group had to carry the equipment on the mountain, install it, debug it, and pass the instructor exam. You have to go up the mountain and then remove the installed equipment and then carry it back; the next group will carry it back and install it… Whether you will be engaged in research and development positions, marketing positions or financial positions in the future, you will have to go through this period of practical training. The exam is not only technical, it is about budget estimates, plans, budgets, accounting, and a full set of delivery documents…all included, you have to make a full set of management for your actual project.

In this way, four types of training teams were formed, with a total training volume of nearly 20,000 people. New employees enter about 8,000 to 10,000 each year. The annual expenditure exceeds billions of RMB.

The training department manages education, and the strategic reserve team manages training, but they only focus on training, empowerment and examinations. You only need to put the results of the examinations and training of the trainees on the Internet, and the students who do not learn well will have the right to weed out, but it is not right Responsible for the selection and appointment of people. After the training, the selection and appointment of people is the responsibility of the general cadre department and the human resources of various departments.

In the park, perhaps the classes have employees from different ranks, different professions, and different countries, all mixed together. Maybe you are running or drinking coffee as a teenager and generals (representatives, regional presidents, product line presidents) together, all kinds of exchanges promote people’s vision to expand, progress and growth.

Don’t look at the hardware conditions here. Students have no time to enjoy, and they will run sooner or later. As soon as students enter school, they weigh themselves first. If they gain weight when they graduate, they will get zero points for weight management (of course, those who are below the standard weight will gain weight). The scoring items and the cleanliness of the bed and other process links, our purpose is to use process forging to stimulate the spirit of the students. Use various assessments to change habits.

2. Through the decentralization and checks and balances, the tenure system and the optimization of the selection mechanism, the differentiated management of cadres, experts, and employees will be realized to continuously activate the organization and maintain the vitality of talents.

Our personnel are divided into three categories:

In the first category, Huawei’s cadre policy implements “the prime minister must be taken from the state and county, and the military will be sent to the army”, and all positions must have successful practical experience. The resume system is implemented, such as how many years he has been in which position, what achievements he has made, what little red flowers he has won, etc., are recorded. Without a certain resume, when discussing cadres in the future, they may be placed in the second echelon. Now that they are all high-quality talents, can the second echelon still have a chance to be selected? It is basically impossible to find people in the first echelon, and then to find people in the second echelon. Our emphasis on practice for high-knowledge teams is beneficial. Therefore, in Africa, on the battlefield, in various places, product lines, and positions, they are very brave. Why? This has strengthened the basic practical capabilities of cadres, and also enhanced their strategic insight capabilities. You can only be a hero by working hard, and you can be paid higher, but you cannot be a leader without strategic insight. The construction of strategic ability is to practice, the classroom is only an inspiration, and the training is only a part of the selection.

As long as it is an administrative cadre, regardless of the chief official or supervisor, 10% of the last positions are forced to be eliminated every year and enter the strategic reserve team to find new positions. Even if all cadres do well, but they are relatively late, they will have to be laid off and enter the reserve team. However, it will be very difficult for administrative cadres to find jobs in the future. For example, who can a laid-off senior cadre compare programming with new employees? The world is always stronger than generations. It is impossible for some of our academic leaders, including those of ours, to compete with newcomers? Therefore, if you don’t cherish, run hard, and take responsibility when you are on the job, it will be difficult to find a job again after being eliminated. Therefore, all the cadres on the job have to work hard and do everything possible to get to the front, thus forming a good circulation mechanism.

The company’s administrative management team has great power. We are now implementing a two-year and three-year tenure system for team members, and they must be reorganized once at that time. Reorganization and implementation of the combination of “monarch power conferred by god” and “democratic election” The upper-level organization of the company can have the right to nominate, and the nomination must be negotiated with the surrounding departments and the grassroots people must be negotiated to form a list of candidates, that is, a 150% candidate list. Then through voting, the right person will be selected. This prevents people from speculating and standing in line with others, because people have the right to vote, and the atmosphere will gradually improve. Members of the administrative management team can be re-elected for two consecutive terms at most. After the two terms, they must leave their posts to find new job opportunities. More demands are made to go to the frontline battlefield. Not only does he go through a period of practical baptism, but he also completes the transfer of the basic staff , Help, belt.

The second category, expert employees, emphasizes that they must have successful practical experience, and they are continuously selected and naturally eliminated in the process of vertical circulation. In vertical circulation, on the one hand, they can turn the best people up, and on the other On the one hand, all experts have experienced the self-evolution of “theory-practice-theory-re-practice” to avoid falling behind. They can also make a reasonable horizontal movement. One is to enhance the ability of combined operations to reserve seedlings for reserve chief officials and supervisors; the other is to achieve cross-professional and cross-domain integration, exchange energy with each other, and achieve a reasonable balance. Select outstanding in sports, regardless of his age. Very young can also be promoted.

The expert committee is responsible for capacity improvement, strategic insights, and suggestions and rejections of expert rank evaluation. The members of the expert committee are not set up according to administrative departments, but set up according to business fields, and the span is relatively large. According to the professional characteristics of the special committee, some members are held every two years and some are held every three years. At the end of your term, you are still in your thirties or forties, and then you go to the grassroots and the next line to fight. If you have not achieved results in combat, you may not be nominated again; if you have achieved good results in combat, you will be nominated, but you have to decide through a certain level of expert election to determine whether you can enter the expert committee. They must continue to accept re-nomination assessments, and continue to accept a certain scale of voting tests. The purpose of this is to avoid rigidity and compaction, and form academic sects. The salaries of experts may also be much higher than those of executive leaders.

The third category, staff employees, operate in accordance with deterministic procedures to maintain the stable and efficient operation of the company. Process management must be passed like high-speed rail. Employees are evaluated absolutely, graded by post, not eliminated from the last position, and there is no need to be younger. It is okay to be in the 50s or 60s or at the 15th or 16th level. Experts are responsible for uncertain work. Like cadres, they must be eliminated naturally.

Through the vertical movement of the company, some outstanding young seedlings will automatically turn up, and some talents who have made outstanding contributions may be directly raised from the 13th level to the 18th level. Horizontal flow can solve the balance problem. After so many years, the balance problem has basically been solved. These are basically the practices of the West Point Military Academy in the United States. The company-level authorization system does not monopolize the power, and continues a virtuous circle to achieve the function of activating organizations and activating talents.

3. The solution to the chip problem is not a problem of design technology capabilities, but a problem of manufacturing equipment, chemical reagents, etc. It needs to pay more attention to the basic industry and chemical industry to generate more top talents and cross-innovative talents.

Our country needs to re-recognize the chip problem. China has already become the world leader in chip design. Huawei has accumulated strong chip design capabilities; China is also the world’s number one chip maker in Taiwan. So what are the problems with the mainland chip industry? Mainly, there are problems with manufacturing equipment, basic industries, and chemical agents. Therefore, every piece of equipment and every material in chip manufacturing is very sophisticated and difficult to make. It cannot be done without high-end experienced experts. Even if it is made, only a few units can be produced each year, and the market only needs to go to a few or dozens of units. Even if one unit is very expensive, a few units can’t sell much. Then in the more impetuous industrial atmosphere, who Would you be willing to make this equipment? For example, photoresist, abrasives… Some varieties are only worth tens of millions of dollars in the world, or even a few million dollars. Thousands of chemical glues and preparations are not very profitable. This is a policy issue.

Our country must attach importance to the equipment manufacturing industry and chemical industry. Chemistry is the material industry, and materials are science at the molecular and atomic levels. Japan is very good in this respect. Therefore, universities in our country should treat chemistry as an important subject, because in the future new materials will be like gene editing. Through editing molecules, materials harder than steel can be produced. However, the country needs more top talents and cross-innovative talents to have the possibility of breakthroughs.

However, there are still some obstacles to cross-innovation in our colleges and universities. Because the divisions of professional departments are too detailed, students will gradually become privately owned by various colleges and departments, and there is a lack of broader exchange opportunities. In the United States, if students at Harvard have not registered enough for a course at this school, students from the nearby school can rush to register. Harvard allows him to study if they grab the course. The credits for the course can be counted as the school’s credits. With the current division of disciplines in our country, it is difficult for students to learn across disciplines.

4. It is necessary to correctly understand the connotation of technological innovation. The top domestic universities should not pay too much attention to the difficulties in engineering and applied technology at hand. They should focus on breakthroughs in basic scientific research, “pierce the sky and take root down”, and strive to make The country and industry will not be difficult in the future.

After seventy years of education efforts, the quality of our labor force has been relatively good, not only in industry, service industry, professional managers… but also suitable for the development of large industries. The risk of the big industry is whether it can continue to innovate, especially the original invention. Lack of originality and lack of driving force to pull explosive power, large industries are risky. The bankruptcy of many large factories in history is an example. Without innovation, competitiveness will gradually decline. 140 years ago, the center of the world was Pittsburgh, steel; 70 years ago, the center of the world was Detroit, cars. The lesson of industrial transfer is that there is not enough innovation. Education is the main aspect of contribution, and the main responsibility is the protection of intellectual property rights.

If you simply shout about technological innovation, it may mislead the direction of improvement. Science is discovery, technology is invention. Innovation is more in engineering technology and solutions. Objective laws exist. Scientific research is to try to discover and identify them. Objective laws do not change with people’s will. How can science be innovative? Without Eastern science or Western science, papers are publicly published and we can retrieve them. There is a difference between East and West culture, science has no difference, there is only one truth. And technological invention is based on the insight of scientific laws to create new technology, which becomes the starting point of production activities. New technological inventions are diversified, for example, cars in different poses. However, most of the problems of “stuck necks” are engineering science and applied science. Apply the basic theories of science, check the papers abroad, and do it when you come back. You can’t get your neck stuck. The basic theories are now available all over the world.

Therefore, the university does not care about the current “stuck neck”, the responsibility of the university is to “break the sky.” Of course, some engineering colleges can do these breakthroughs in engineering and industrial applications, but for top comprehensive universities, they should go “in the sky” and not be affected by the two or three years of engineering problems, but focus on the next two to thirty years. The needs of the country and industry development. I think that the university is trying to make the country not difficult tomorrow. If universities all come to solve the immediate problems and new ones will come out tomorrow, the problems will never be solved. You go to do your scientific research, we do our engineering problems.

Scientists want to get rid of the “iron chain” and have independent thinking and free research. If you want to let yourself fly, who knows whether something you fly will be useful in the end? It is not recommended to ask scientists in universities: “What is the use of this thing, and what contribution does it make to the country?” In this way, scientists anchor their anchors. Underground, it will not fly high. We have to allow several “Van Gogh” to exist.

Comrade Xiaoping said: “Education must be oriented towards modernization, facing the world, and facing the future.” As long as we follow Xiaoping’s three benefits, “good for the country, good for society (international and domestic society), and good for the people”, we will not Deviate from the main channel and work hard for the country’s prosperity.