The situation is worse than expected

The young people in this class have experienced the stock market crash, P2P, and new crown pneumonia, but they did not expect to be forced into a dead end by the Internet for long-term rental apartments. “I just paid an annual rent of 20,000 yuan in the egg shell at noon. I was driven out of the door by the landlord at night. I sat at the 24-hour KFC with my luggage for one night. I thought of death for a while.” After 95, Bei Piao Xiaoxin was in a group. Tell your story like this. He tried to call the customer service call of Eggshell Apartment, and he also tried to stay at the headquarters of Eggshell Apartment in Beijing, but all had a “closed door”. After being brought to an eggshell apartment rights activist group by Xiao Xiao who had the same experience, he ignited again. A little hope.

The situation is worse than expected 1

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It is not the worst to be driven out after paying the rent. What’s worse is that Xiaoxin has to continue to repay the “rental loan”, otherwise it will affect personal credit.

There are many young tenants like Xiaoxin and Xiao Xiao.

As of press time, the rights defending groups visited by the New Culture Business Survey are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu and other places. The number of defenders is as high as 5,000. Among them, the main landlords and tenants are mainly landlords and tenants, not including the outstanding salary of Eggshell Apartments. The employees and suppliers, and the rights protection groups that are known and sneaked into by New Culture Business are just the tip of the iceberg for those who suffer economic and rights losses from eggshell thunderstorms.

Ironically, because of the news that the eggshell apartment may be taken over by my love, the share price of the eggshell apartment listed on the New York Stock Exchange soared 75% and 90% in two days, from 1.37 US dollars to 4.5 US dollars.

On the one hand, it is the carnival of the capital market, on the other hand, there are thousands of users who have no way to protect their rights. For more than half a month, the eggshell apartment app was paralyzed, the housekeeper lost contact, the tenant’s deposit could not be refunded, and the landlord’s rent was not received. There was no sign of solution, and the eggshell apartment did not issue any statement to solve the problem. , Only spoke through Sina’s official blog on November 16: Eggshell Apartment did not go bankrupt, nor did it run away, but was caught in a crisis of tight capital chain and will not go bankrupt.

New Culture Business not only watched the issues of communication among the group, but also conducted individual interviews with some of the group members. Tenants accounted for a relatively high proportion of the group members, mainly young workers born in the 1990s, and a small number of landlords and eggshell housekeepers, and their demands and losses were also different.

The situation is worse than expected 2

The eggshell business has been discontinued: no after-sales, no new business

The reason why the tenant pays the annual rent but the landlord rushes out on the grounds that they have not received the money is because the eggshell apartment model is to collect preferential annual rent from the tenant and then pay monthly. To the landlord, this will generate capital leverage.

“I just renewed the lease in September, and the Internet was disconnected in October. Later, the cleaning lady didn’t come to clean the house, and then the landlord came to drive people.”

Xiao Zhang said that he learned that the landlord had not received the rent for more than a month. When the accident happened in early November, the eggshell sent a housekeeper to deal with it. The housekeeper came forward and said that the eggshell encountered a financial problem, and the tenant can choose to withdraw the rent. As long as the cancellation process is applied on the eggshell APP, the rent can be refunded. Xiao Zhang didn’t want to be bothered by the matter anymore, so he accepted the proposal and moved out of his original residence after the application process.

The situation is worse than expected 3

“Later, the APP did show that the refund was successful, but the money was not credited to the associated bank card.” It was not until recently that the eggshell was exposed to bankruptcy risk, Xiao Zhang realized the seriousness of the problem and quickly contacted The housekeeper at the time. But the butler was no longer able to contact. He made all the phone calls that could be made on the eggshell, but they fell into the sea and there was no news.

New Culture Business tried to contact customer service on the Eggshell APP for consultation. The customer service was always replies by robots. When calling the complaint and suggestion call, the call was immediately hung up. Finally, New Culture Commercial tried to find the rental phone numbers of nearby houses on the APP, and found that no matter which housekeeper’s housekeeping phone number was connected to the same landline number from Beijing.

The situation is worse than expected 4

After the call was finally connected, New Culture Commercial expressed that it wanted to rent one of the listings shown above, but the other side hung up as soon as he said a word. After calling again, after we repeatedly expressed the demand for renting, the other party repeatedly told us that if there is a dispute, we should go to the corresponding complaint channel. When the other party finally concludes that we are not complaining, he agreed to arrange a housekeeper to take charge of the house inspection and inform the follow-up Personal contact. But for the next three days, we did not receive any related calls.

For listed companies, the breaking of the capital chain, business stagnation and crises of trust are all fatal. Different from ofo’s bankruptcy deposit in the previous two years, most of the direct losses of users this time started at 10,000 yuan, and the subsequent problems caused by the lack of housing were also endless.

“Now that the contract has been terminated, there is no evidence for rights protection. I really regret moving out. I can only wait for a turnaround. Although I hate eggshells, I pray that they will not go bankrupt.” Xiao Zhang said helplessly to New Culture Commercial.

Infighting and fighting among the victims

What’s worrying is that the tenant and the landlord are taken advantage of by the eggshell thunder. Both are victims, but become each other’s enemies.

“I wake up from nightmares every day, I am afraid that I will be homeless when I open my eyes.” It is reported that Mr. Chen’s situation is more difficult. He is an annual payment user and has seven months to expire, plus the deposit. More than 20,000 gave eggshells. However, since the beginning of the month, the landlord issued an eviction order because he did not receive the rent, limiting him to move out within three days. He said that the current form of the eggshell apartment is unclear, and surrendering the rent will only make himself more embarrassing.

The situation is worse than expected 5

“The landlord actually has no right to rush people, because what the landlord signed with Eggshell is not a lease contract, but an authorization contract. Eggshell defaults, why should the tenant who has paid the rent move out?”

After understanding, the landlord gave the reason that the contract signed with the eggshell clearly stated that if the eggshell fails to give the landlord rent for 15 days overdue, the landlord can unilaterally terminate the contract and take back the house.

The situation is worse than expected 6

New Culture Business consulted Beijing State Consulting Law Firm on related legal issues. Attorney Wang Yahui believes that: the landlord entrusts the eggshell to rent the house, and the eggshell is the landlord’s agent. The tenant giving the rent to the eggshell is equivalent to handing it over to the landlord. In addition, the entrustment contract between the landlord and the eggshell is automatically terminated, which will not affect the lease contract between the tenant and the eggshell. Therefore, if Eggshell fails to transfer the rent to the landlord, it is a violation of the entrustment contract between the two parties and has nothing to do with the tenant. The landlord should go to Eggshell to pursue the responsibility, instead of going to the house.

The law stipulates this, but the reality is that most tenants are still evicted by the landlord. Mr. Chen called the police several times because of this incident. After the police arrived at the scene, they said that it was an economic dispute and that both parties needed to resolve it by themselves. But the police also acknowledged Mr. Chen’s right of residence, stating that Mr. Chen has the right to continue living until the matter is not resolved.

“Now I can live for one day or one day. The electronic lock is afraid that the password will be changed. I have removed it. I also found my account number and went to the water and electricity bureau to pay by myself. But the landlord came to the door at 6 o’clock every morning to knock on the gong. No.” Mr. Chen said that he really didn’t want to be affected by this bad thing anymore. At present, he has negotiated with the landlord to lose half of each person.

The representative of the owner, Ms. Li, also appealed to New Cultural Business for her own difficulties. “People are full of flesh, and I understand the situation of tenants very well. Public opinion is also turning to tenants. They think that they have no money after graduation and are very pitiful, but not all landlords have good food and clothing. I also have everyone. Children have to support, and life pressure is not less than that of young people.”

Previously, Ms. Li’s two-bedroom apartment in Hangzhou was entrusted to Eggshell Apartment for rent. Eggshell has not rented Ms. Li for more than a month. Faced with a loss of nearly 5,000 yuan a month, Ms. Li said that she could not afford it for too long.

“This house was originally a wedding house I bought with my spouse when we got married. In order to earn some rent to subsidize the family, we moved to the parents-in-law’s place to live together. Now that my daughter is born, I need money everywhere. I don’t want to drive away the children inside, but I will lose more than 10,000 if it continues to consume it. There is really no way.”

The situation is worse than expected 7

Ms. Li once proposed to share half of the loss with the tenant, but the tenant believed that he should continue to live after paying the rent, and rejected this proposal. In addition, tenants worry that once the contract is terminated, their rights protection will be even more difficult, and they will not move away rashly before everything is finalized.

Banks don’t believe in tears, they still have to repay their “rental loans”

“I planned to stop the rent, even the deposit, and move out. Someone reminded me that there is a rent loan for the monthly payment. I was silly all of a sudden.”

The rent loan mentioned by Miss Wang is a business provided by WeBank to Eggshell Apartment. When the tenant is unable to pay the rent in full, he can apply for a rent loan from Eggshell Apartment and repay it in monthly installments. It is reported that Miss Wang did not know the operation process of this rent loan at the time. Eggshell Apartment borrowed a full year’s rent from WeBank in her name, and then asked Miss Wang to repay it on time.

The situation is worse than expected 8

So although Ms. Wang has applied for the rent withdrawal, it is still a unilateral breach of contract by her. The money from Weizhong Bank has been borrowed, and she still needs to pay the money.

“I really want to cry without tears. I heard that if the rental loan is not paid, I will report a credit report, but the premise is that there is a problem with the eggshell and the landlord can no longer drive people to live. I was forced to move out. Why don’t you let me live in the house and let me pay the money?”

In this situation, the customer service of WeBank has also begun to lose contact, and the rental loan business has also been offline. Only one announcement was given,

The general meaning in the announcement is that if the tenant can still live, don’t move out. If they have already moved out, the credit investigation will not be affected before 3.31 next year, but not necessarily afterwards.

The situation is worse than expected 9

Regarding this point, lawyer Wang Yahui of the State Council Law Firm believes that the loan is signed by the tenant voluntarily. Like an ordinary loan, it has nothing to do with the availability of the house. In theory, the tenant is indeed required to continue to perform the loan repayment obligation.

However, many tenants said that they did not know that Eggshell had borrowed all the money, and they were not clearly informed of the risks before signing the loan agreement, and they hoped to resort to law to resolve them. As of press time, there is still no new solution for rent loans, and many tenants are still trying various ways to continue to defend their rights.

The industry has long anticipated the eggshell crisis

“Eggshell apartments are typically rented at high prices and rented at low prices. This model will have a steady flow of funds if the market conditions are good, but this model has high requirements for the vacancy rate of houses. If many homes are left vacant, the loss will increase. Coupled with the impact of this year’s epidemic, the thunderstorm in Eggshell Apartments is also expected.”

Xiao Liu, an agent of a well-known real estate company, said this to New Culture Business. According to reports, Eggshell Apartments had net losses of 270 million yuan, 1.37 billion yuan, and 3.43 billion yuan respectively from 2017 to 2019. The losses have been increasing year by year, and the losses will be more serious due to the impact of the epidemic in the first half of this year. Xiao Liu said that he heard that Eggshell is negotiating with a multi-party real estate company, but no one wants to accept this “hot potato”.

“Eggshell Apartments are still losing money so far, and have not obtained a more successful profit model. Even if many companies take over, it is difficult to turn losses into profits. Now that business is so difficult, everyone is very cautious.”

As of press time, tens of thousands of tenants, landlords and butlers who have not received wages are still walking on the long road to defend their rights. Some have resorted to law and filed appeals; some have posted on Douban and Weibo to seek attention; Organize shifts to stay at the eggshell company…

The rights protection group gradually cooled down, because everyone had begun to feel numb to the encounters of some new members.

Tacitly, before the notification is issued through official channels, the tenant’s top priority is to fight with the landlord and stay as long as possible;

The landlord is also “conspiring” to persuade the old tenant to leave without breaking the law.