Baofengyingyin sadly delisted and missed the players used in those years

Speaking of Baofengyingyin, not only experienced computer users, but even stock investors do not know. Because it used to be an indispensable tool for computer installation, and it was also a legendary “monster” with a market value of 40 billion yuan. However, this former overlord of audio-visual software has now been delisted, and it is becoming more and more difficult to find it in the computer, which is really embarrassing. Next, let’s follow the historical footprint of Baofengyingyin and review the development of video software.

Baofengyingyin sadly delisted and missed the players used in those years 1

Figure 1 Raise hands of those who have used this version of Baofengyingyin

A long, long time ago, because there was no Internet at that time, so you had to buy CDs to watch videos. At that time, pirated CDs were flying everywhere. Soon after the blockbusters came out, you could buy one for 5, 6 or even more than 10 yuan. The pirated discs can be watched on home VCD, DVD and other hardware players. Later, when computers emerged, compressed videos appeared. A CD may contain several compressed videos and hundreds of compressed songs. At this time, computer users are very happy and can easily obtain a lot of resources, and these resources are all A source of entertainment for many people.

The editor relied on these CDs and watched the three series of the three emperors of the Qing Dynasty!

Baofengyingyin sadly delisted and missed the players used in those years 2

Figure 2 There are still RM video files used when learning English in the editor.

However, the format of the video files loaded on these CDs can be said to be full of flowers. If you want to play these videos and audios on your computer, you need a player. An easy-to-use player can help users solve a lot of problems, otherwise they will have to install different players for different video and audio formats to play. Because of the player problem, the video file either has sound but no image, or there is image but no sound, or even cannot be played directly. Ever since, local media players began to flourish.

The overlord of the past — super solution

“Blurred images become clearer” and “anti-reading” are applicable to innovative technologies at the time, allowing Heroes to quickly gain support from many users. What do users need? The most reliable one can solve the problem during playback for the user. The quality of pirated discs is not very good. If they are played directly in the CD-ROM drive, sometimes the system will be stuck directly because they can’t be read. Hero Super Jiebao’s “disc error correction” and “reading death prevention” functions can help users jump Over the unplayable part, this situation can be avoided to the greatest extent.

Baofengyingyin sadly delisted and missed the players used in those years 3

Figure 3 Have you ever used Super Unyielding

Then there is the function of supporting multiple formats, clearing blurred images, etc. Many innovative and practical technologies made it favored by users and became the necessary software for installation at the time, so that many pirated CDs included its installation package.

No matter how brilliant the software is, is it the fate of being eliminated? After the arrival of the Internet, the super solution failed to keep up with the pace of the times, failed to realize that he needed to change, and was quickly replaced by the new star Realplayer, and finally ended up with a storm The fate of the audiovisual acquisition.

In the same era, Kingsoft and Oriental Movies also had many users, but they gave up the update and ended up in decline. Of course, XingMPEG Player, PowerDVD (the player with the best picture quality at the time) and other foreign software were also earlier, which also gradually faded out of people’s vision.

Baofengyingyin sadly delisted and missed the players used in those years 4

Figure 4 There should be fewer users in Oriental Movie Metropolis

Real contributes to making video files smaller

In the past, VCDs and DVDs contained only one video on a single disc. If you wanted to watch more than one, you had to buy a few, and a series had dozens of discs. The appearance of Real changed this situation.

The RM streaming media compressed video file format brought by Real not only gives the possibility of playing videos online in the era of low internet speed, but also makes video files much smaller. Countless videos are spread after being compressed to rm. A pirated CD with several movies on it may still be found in your home. All of these have made the RM compression format popular.

RealPlayer, the indispensable tool for playing the RM format at the time, has also become the preferred video player on the user’s computer instead of Hero Jieba. At that time, want to view online videos? Yes, when RealPlayer must be installed in your system, otherwise it will not be discussed. However, due to bandwidth limitations, pauses in online playback, and low picture quality, online playback has not yet been recognized by everyone.

Baofengyingyin sadly delisted and missed the players used in those years 5

Figure 5 RealPlayer, a must-have for watching videos online

However, with the development of Internet technology, various new players and new technologies are constantly emerging. RealPlayer players are gradually eliminated by users due to their large size and many pop-up advertisements, and online video sites have gradually eliminated real online. The playback technology turned to the Flash online video technology that can encapsulate H.264, which gave RealPlayer a fatal blow.

Although, Real later renewed its efforts to make Realplayer fight again. However, it is not easy to get a share of the market already occupied by PPS, PPTV, etc. It is hard to find it in the computer by now.

Storm video

From the invincible world to the legendary life of being filmed by the waves behind Baofeng Yingyin

Next, let’s talk about the protagonist of this article-Baofeng Yingyin, which makes people love and hate. At first, Baofeng Yingyin was an all-round player modified from MPC, with good performance and good playback capabilities. After installing it, you can basically take all popular video and audio, which greatly reduces the occurrence of sound but no image, image but no sound, and unsupported format and cannot be played.

In this way, the days when users had to try to play a video file one by one in order to watch a certain video file are gone forever. You only need to install a Baofengyingyin to play most of the media files, which is simple and easy to use. Baofengyingyin has gained a large number of users.

In the glorious era, Baofengyingyin has become an indispensable tool for installation, and it has also received the former king of “super tyrants”.

Baofengyingyin sadly delisted and missed the players used in those years 6

Figure 6 Once the excellent Baofengyingyin

However, Baofengyingyin’s vision is too short and eager to make money. After commercialization, it turned into a rogue behavior of ad bundling, defaulting background processes, pop-up windows, etc., and even forced an upgrade version for advertising, which aroused many users’ disgust.

Baofengyingyin sadly delisted and missed the players used in those years 7

Figure 7 Baofengyingyin 2008

Even in 2009, the “disconnection gate” incident in the six provinces that was disconnected from the Internet occurred on 5.19. It was precisely because Baofengyingyin installed and operated the automatic network background process without the user’s knowledge. The scale-up finally contributed to this rare network failure. Although Baofengyingyin was not the culprit in this incident, it played a somewhat negative role in fueling the flames.

Baofengyingyin sadly delisted and missed the players used in those years 8

Figure 8 Baofengyingyin 2009

Baofeng Yingyin adopts a “free + advertising” business model to realize profits. Among the sales revenue of 386 million yuan in 2014, advertising revenue reached 343 million yuan, accounting for 89% of operating revenue.

Then came the Internet online video wave, and the demand for local playback decreased. Although Baofeng Yingyin has realized its shortcomings and tried to get rid of the shadow of the “advertiser”, it also thought of online playback. So in order to save users, Baofeng Yingyin added the online video “Storm Box” in subsequent versions, as well as the well-known “Left Eye Technology” video optimization technology, as well as 3D functions, and constantly optimize the software to improve performance. But there is no other way but the flowers fall away. Once you lose your heart, what can you do with hundreds or thousands of times of effort? Moreover, with the birth of more free, ad-free new all-round players, Baofengyingyin is no longer the only and best choice for users.

Baofengyingyin sadly delisted and missed the players used in those years 9

Figure 9 Baofengyingyin 2012

Baofeng Yingyin is still working hard. After several struggles, Baofeng Technology is listed on the domestic A-share GEM, and once became a demon stock in the eyes of investors. Does it rely on its Baofeng Yingyin? No. In the past few years, Baofeng Group has fully blossomed in many fields such as VR, TV, and online video. It has also developed many hardware products, such as Baofeng TV, and the impressive “Storm Mirror”.

Baofeng Magic Mirror is the first hardware product officially released by Baofeng Video. Baofeng Magic Mirror is a VR virtual reality glasses. When using it, you need to cooperate with the exclusive Magic Mirror APP developed by Baofeng Yingyin. You can enjoy giant screen viewing effects, panoramic scenes, immersive games, etc. on your mobile phone. However, the VR boom is coming and going fast, and the VR business of Baofeng Group is quickly facing contraction.

In terms of online audio and video, due to the copyright war, Baofeng Yingyin is no match for the current three overlords, and Baofeng TV cannot occupy the user’s living room with content. The practice of burning money to fight for copyright is difficult to continue, and basically ended in failure.

In order to reverse the situation, Baofeng spent huge sums of money to enter the sports broadcasting industry, but it fell into the big hole where the copyrights of the events held by MPS had expired, and the funding chain was broken. In the end, the fatal blow to the Storm Group was on July 28, 2019. Feng Xin, the actual controller of the Storm Group, was taken coercive measures by the public security organs for alleged crimes. After the loss of Feng Xin, the inside of Stormwind suddenly became a mess. The executives began to find another job, and employees voluntarily resigned or were laid off. Even the official website of Baofengyingyin could not be opened for a while. Although it can be opened at present, there is only one page and a download link for the latest version of Baofengyingyin. (As of writing, the last update time of Baofengyingyin is 20200923. Is anyone still maintaining it? ?)

On September 19, Storm Group issued an announcement stating that the company received the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s “Decision on the Termination of Listing of Storm Group Co., Ltd.” on August 28, 2020. Since September 21, the company’s stock trading has entered a withdrawal. During the market consolidation period, the company’s shares will be delisted 30 trading days after the delisting period. At this point, this monster stock no longer exists.

Baofengyingyin sadly delisted and missed the players used in those years 10

Figure 10 Current Baofengyingyin official website

Although the stock is delisted, the player is still there. Let’s finally take a look at the latest version of “Baofengyingyin 5”, which is still a local player + online audio and video box. Online audio and video can still be played normally and locally. The function is still powerful, and the floating advertisement in the lower right corner is still the same. There are still many processes that require networking.

Baofengyingyin sadly delisted and missed the players used in those years 11

Figure 11 Baofengyingyin 5

Baofengyingyin sadly delisted and missed the players used in those years 12

Figure 12 Playing video online

Baofengyingyin sadly delisted and missed the players used in those years 13

Figure 13 floating ads

The new way of watching movies brought by broadband, no matter how brilliant the local broadcast is

With the popularization of broadband and the strong debut of online audio and video, users’ habits of watching audio and video have gradually changed. Users searched for resources from the previous → downloaded back to the local → watched using media players, and turned to use online video and audio directly on the computer to watch on demand. This also makes local media players less and less likely to be used.

At present, watching videos and listening to music on the computer is simple. As long as your computer is connected to the Internet, you can get a lot of resources from various online video and audio players. You can watch online as long as you choose the one you like. This was unthinkable before. For users, it really saves a lot of trouble, but it’s a bit expensive, and the full membership system makes the editor have to fill Tencent and then iQiyi, but also a Youku!

The emergence of online high-definition video has eliminated the need for some users who pursue high-definition picture quality to download and watch them locally. Local media players have become a spare tire lying in the hard disk.

Although the editor is still used to downloading video resources to watch, although PotPlayer and QQ video are still commonly used software on the computer of the editor, how many users like the editor are left? Why did the editor choose these two players? Because they are simple, no ads, and high performance.

Baofengyingyin sadly delisted and missed the players used in those years 14

Figure 14 Xiaobian’s hard disk recurrent storage crisis

Baofengyingyin sadly delisted and missed the players used in those years 15

Figure 15 Editor’s commonly used player

Baofengyingyin sadly delisted and missed the players used in those years 16

Figure 16 The various versions of Baofengyingyin in the editor’s software library

to sum up

With the development of technology, outdated technologies will eventually be eliminated, and user habits will also change accordingly. Every era will have brilliant kings, and every era will eliminate some former kings. After the waves of the Yangtze River push the waves forward, can Baofengyingyin, the former king, still appear in front of us? Use it and cherish it!