Hurun releases a list of entrepreneurial leaders under 30: the youngest person on the list is only 21 years old

Hurun Report and Hausen Pharmaceuticals, a leading innovation-driven pharmaceutical company in China, today jointly released the “Hurun China Under 30s To Watch 2020” (Hurun China Under 30s To Watch 2020), which aims to find China under 30 (including 30 years old). ) Entrepreneurial leader.This is the fourth consecutive year that Hurun Report has released the Under30s Entrepreneurship Leaders List. This year, a total of 208 young talents from 184 companies in the top ten industries are on the list. Their average age is 28 years old, and men and women account for 82% and 18 respectively. %.

Hurun releases a list of entrepreneurial leaders under 30: the youngest person on the list is only 21 years old 1

Source: Hurun Report

Hurun Report’s Chairman and Chief Research Officer, Hu Run, said: “After the epidemic, many countries around the world are facing great economic difficulties. In the technological revolution led by 5G and AI, both the world and China need entrepreneurs in particular. I hope we can do this. The list, as an endorsement from a third party, is an encouragement for these young entrepreneurs on the list, and allows more investors, industry experts and local governments to pay more attention to them and inspire them to create the next one. Ali and Tencent have become the next Jack Ma and Ma Huateng.”

“The policy environment, the enthusiasm of investors, the strength of alumni associations, the launch of the Growth Enterprise Market and the Science and Technology Innovation Board, and the entrepreneurial passion of entrepreneurs have allowed China’s current entrepreneurial ecology to reach the world level. Several cities in China have developed entrepreneurial ecology. Particularly good, the six major cities of Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and Suzhou account for half of the total number of people on our 100 rich list in China. This is very important for young entrepreneurs, because entrepreneurship is contagious. “

“The Zhen Fund led by Xu Xiaoping ranked first for the second consecutive year, IDG Capital surpassed Sequoia Capital China to rank second, Sequoia Capital China and Tencent Investment tied for third. These investment institutions are very important to young entrepreneurs. Promoting role.”

“This era is an era of prestigious schools. The vitality of the alumni associations of prestigious schools I have contacted impressed me. On average, each company on our global unicorn list has 1.6 co-founders, and many co-founders come from alumni associations. .”

“If you want to predict the future of China’s economy, the industries covered by the best young entrepreneurs in China are a reference.”

“I can say with confidence that these young entrepreneurs on the list are particularly worthy of everyone’s attention, because a quarter of them have raised more than 100 million yuan before the age of 30, so how much can they do after the age of 40? The contribution of these people to the Chinese economy is very much to look forward to.”

“Hurun Report is committed to discovering the value of corporate investment and promoting entrepreneurship through quality lists and research. We hope that our U30 list can also inspire more people to be brave in entrepreneurship and innovation”, Hurun added .

Industrial Distribution

The 208 young entrepreneurial leaders on the list come from ten industries. Among them, corporate technology, entertainment media and advanced manufacturing have become the top three sources of wealth for entrepreneurs under 30 in China. The three industries account for 50% of the list.

The proportion of the number of people on the list in the enterprise technology industry increased by 8.9 percentage points from last year, ranking first with 20.2%. The industry has emerged a large number of “new faces” this year, such as: AI data service provider Gewutai, IoT integrated solution provider New Resilience, Yushupai, which provides cloud-based corporate collaboration and management tools for textile companies, Internet of Things media technology company Xiping Technology, and Xiaomu Youpin Technology, an innovative technology company focusing on the construction of the kitchen and bathroom life ecological chain.

The top three industries last year, entertainment media, advanced manufacturing, and education, have fallen to second, third, and sixth this year. The proportions of the number of people on the list have all declined to 15.9%, 13.9%, and 11.1%. In addition to corporate technology, industries that have seen an increase in the number of people on the list also include life services and new retail.

Hurun releases a list of entrepreneurial leaders under 30: the youngest person on the list is only 21 years old 2

Hurun releases a list of entrepreneurial leaders under 30: the youngest person on the list is only 21 years old 3

Local distribution

The top three cities with the most corporate headquarters established by entrepreneurs on the list are the same as last year. Beijing is still the top “capital of entrepreneurial leaders”, with 60 entrepreneurial leaders from 53 companies headquartered in Beijing; Shanghai and Shenzhen Remaining second and third, the number of companies was 37 and 22; Guangzhou and Xiamen both rose to fourth with 13; Hangzhou fell 2 places and ranked sixth with 10.

Hurun releases a list of entrepreneurial leaders under 30: the youngest person on the list is only 21 years old 4

Financing Amount

Compared with last year, the financing scale of the listed companies this year has decelerated significantly, with an average cumulative financing of 26 million yuan, compared with 58 million yuan last year. Accumulative financing of over 100 million accounted for 23%, an increase of 1 percentage point over last year; cumulative financing of over 10 million accounted for 38%, a decrease of 9 percentage points over last year; cumulative financing of over one million accounted for 24%, the same as last year; no financing Accounted for 15%, an increase of 8 percentage points over last year.

Among those on the list with hundreds of millions of financing, the headquarters are from Beijing with 20 people; Shenzhen is the second with 9 people; the second is Shanghai with 8 people. Among those on the list with tens of millions of financing, the most came from Beijing, with 22; followed by Shanghai with 20. Among those on the list with millions of financing, the most came from Beijing, reaching 14 people. Among those on the list without financing, the most came from Shanghai, with 7 people.

Hurun releases a list of entrepreneurial leaders under 30: the youngest person on the list is only 21 years old 5

Hurun releases a list of entrepreneurial leaders under 30: the youngest person on the list is only 21 years old 6

Financing round

The financing rounds of the companies on the list this year are mainly concentrated in the A round and strategic financing. Among the 184 companies on the list, 41 have received the A round and strategic financing, reaching 45% of the total. Followed by companies on the list in the non-financing and angel round stages, accounting for 16% and 12.7% respectively. There are also 15 companies on the list that have completed Series B financing, accounting for 8.2% of the total. Compared with last year, the number of companies in the A round stage had the largest decline, down 21%. Hu Run said: “Most of the companies on the list are in the early stage of investment and strategic financing.”

Hurun releases a list of entrepreneurial leaders under 30: the youngest person on the list is only 21 years old 7

Top 10 Investment Companies

Zhen Fund has become the investment company with the largest number of projects on the list for the second consecutive year. This year, a total of 18 companies on the list are its investment targets. IDG Capital ranks second with 10 companies. Sequoia Capital China and Tencent Investments tied for third place, each investing in 7 companies on the list.

Hurun releases a list of entrepreneurial leaders under 30: the youngest person on the list is only 21 years old 8


Wu Jiajun, Co-founder of Education

Graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University. As the co-founder, Wu Jiajun led the team to continue to cultivate in the field of “intelligence + education”, and promote the full implementation of digital and intelligent teaching in the head of education. Wu Jiajun has been interviewed and reported by authoritative media such as CCTV and Beijing Satellite TV for many times, and has attended the World Internet Conference, Qatar World Education Innovation Summit and other top forums at home and abroad to give speeches, delivering cutting-edge online education experience to the global education community.

He Wendi e-agent founder and CEO

A serial entrepreneur in the Internet industry, he has extensive experience in the Internet, sales, finance, general health and study abroad consulting. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in the United States and joined the Private Wealth Management Department of Morgan Stanley in Hong Kong after graduation. eAgent is an Internet finance company focusing on overseas asset allocation. Since its establishment in 2015, e-agent has received multiple rounds of financing and completed the D round of financing led by DST in February last year.

Zhao Yang Co-founder of Zaihui

Graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in human-computer interaction. Before returning to China, he worked as a user experience design at LinkedIn, and started a business as a social application. Zaihui strives to become an Internet catering virtual chain in the takeaway market. Zaihui leverages the scale of SaaS systems and data-based middle stations, and uses operations and supply chains as bridges to achieve closed loops through traffic and transactions. In December last year, the C round of 50 million US dollars financing was completed.

Li Ping Co-founder and COO of Chizi City

Bachelor of Engineering from Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology. Joined Chizi City in 2011 and is responsible for the overall operation and management of the company’s business. Chizi City, a mobile application developer and mobile advertising service provider based on artificial intelligence technology, went public in Hong Kong last year. As of the end of last year, its Solo X product cluster has attracted nearly 1 billion global users from Asia, North America, Europe, South America and other places. Its Solo Math programmatic advertising platform provided monetization services for more than 1.8 million applications last year.

Shu Qiang Founder, General Manager and Director of Tongyu Auto Technology

Shanghai Tongyu Automobile Technology is a high-tech company initiated by the research team of Tongji University, and has received strategic investment from Zhejiang Wanan Technology Company. Tongyu has rapidly grown into a new and cutting-edge enterprise with great potential in the field of key components of intelligent driving and new energy vehicles in my country. It focuses on the research and development and industrialization of “the key technology of next-generation wire-controlled chassis”. The product layout is wire-controlled system and wire-controlled Steering system and advanced driver assistance system. In June this year, it received 30 million yuan in Pre-A round of financing from Youth Venture Capital.

Wan Liushuo Founder and CEO of inDeco

Graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor’s degree in economics, and a double degree in China and Asia Pacific Studies. After graduation, he joined the Beijing office of Boston Consulting Group. Wan Liushuo is the co-founder of Wujie Space. He started his second venture and established Lingzhu Zhizhi. It transformed the traditional decoration industry chain with Internet thinking and provided one-stop decoration services from space design, material matching, product selection to construction process control. In April of this year, the US$20 million Series C financing led by Stow Capital was completed.

Guo Nan, co-founder and chairman of LELECHA

Guo Nan has many years of experience in the tea baking field. Lele Tea conveys the core concept of happiness, oriental manufacturing, craftsmanship and art as the soul of tea, and is committed to realizing the technology and youth of tea. In April last year, the Pre-A round of 200 million yuan financing led by Xiangfeng Investment was completed. The strategic financing was completed in July this year.

Cao Jie, COO of Twelve Buildings Culture

Twelve Dong Culture is a cultural and creative company that systematically lays out the entire ACG industry chain in China’s Internet original animation. It has many Internet original and explosive IPs, such as “Chang Cao Yan Tuanzi”, “Little Zombie”, “Cooling Girl” and so on. Mainly engaged in original animation brand creation, independent IP image development and authorization, product design and peripheral derivative, and operation promotion. In March last year, it received nearly 100 million yuan in Series B financing from Xianfeng Cowin’s sole investment. Equity financing in January this year.

Gui Peiyan Founder of Haig Technology

Studied in engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Haig Technology is a technologically intelligent manufacturing enterprise with 3D printing technology research and development and application as the core, providing 3D printing equipment and materials, 3D printing + Internet online customization and mass production services, medical-grade and consumer-grade smart wearable products, etc. In December last year, the B round of financing of 60 million US dollars was completed.

Xu Yi Founder and CEO of Pinchei

A serial entrepreneur, he has a lot of research on the retail industry, FMCG industry, mobile Internet, and targeted data management. Pinchei is a convenience store procurement platform based on artificial intelligence. It mainly provides commodity price data analysis, intelligent distribution and order splitting services, and combined with centralized procurement and order splitting algorithms to help stores match the best price procurement solutions. In June this year, it completed the B+ round of nearly 200 million yuan in financing.

research method

“2020 Hurun Under30s Entrepreneurship Leaders” aims to find entrepreneurial leaders under 30 (including 30 years old) in China. Hurun Report collected all public information of candidates and cross-checked them repeatedly, and selected start-ups with good development momentum and high growth potential in various segments. Hurun Report selected 592 candidates from thousands of candidates for in-depth research and comprehensive analysis, and finally selected 208 young talents on the list. We have four main sources of information: the first is entrepreneurial leaders recommended by well-known investment institutions and industry experts; the second is the effective information network and huge database that we have established over the past 20 years across the country; the third is important Venture Capital News; the fourth is that candidates independently sign up to participate in the selection of the list.

The Hurun Report U30 Club is about to be established

Hurun Report focuses on the entire life cycle from the cradle of wealth to the paradise of wealth. The upcoming Hurun Report U30 Club, adhering to the concept of “innovation, technology, and sustainable development”, will help U30 entrepreneurial leaders to sprout and build momentum!

Hurun releases a list of entrepreneurial leaders under 30: the youngest person on the list is only 21 years old 9