90 fake “Dong Qing” in Douyin: “A lot of people start their business through mobile phones?”

“How can CCTV anchor Dong Qing fall in love with an old man who is about to lose his teeth?” She was dumbfounded, but had to face the fact that her husband had moved out of the house. As long as you follow the creative ideas of “star + hush cold and warm” or “star +’positive energy'”, you can attract a large number of elderly fans. Some industries that hope to accurately locate the elderly have seen a clear path to realization.

Original title: 90 fake “Dong Qing” in Douyin: “Many people start their businesses through mobile phones. Have you started?”

Source: Southern Weekend

Reporter: Zhou Xiaoling

The mentors described the blueprint for entrepreneurship in this way: “Our business is to use a mobile phone to operate the global market. We don’t need to stock, sell, and ship goods by ourselves, and convert household expenses into household income.”

2020 was the year when Fang Li and her husband planned to hold a wedding for their daughter, but she almost divorced.

She and her husband have been married for nearly 30 years, and two years later, her husband Lao Li will be 60 years old. In September, Lao Li wrote a divorce agreement, asking Fang Li to agree to divide the property because her husband had another person in love. Fang Li was surprised to find that the “third party” was actually “Dong Qing” in the Douyin short video.

It happened in October that a 60-year-old woman in Jiangxi met the fake Jin Dong through Douyin. Fang Li found that this was exactly the same as what happened to her own family. “How can CCTV anchor Dong Qing fall in love with an old man who is about to lose his teeth?” She was dumbfounded, but had to face the fact that her husband had moved out of the house.

Faced with these videos titled “Dong Qing”, it is not only Lao Li who has fallen into enthusiasm. When you browse the comment section, you will find that middle-aged and elderly men from all over the country often express heartfelt confession to “Dong Qing”.

Southern Weekend reporters followed Lao Li’s Douyin account, followed more than 90 fake Dong Qing, and randomly sent 17 private messages to 7 of them. They asked unanimously: “Many people start their businesses through mobile phones. Have you started?”

Eloping with “Dong Qing”?

Lao Li is a taxi driver who has been driving for ten years. He used to be obedient to his wife and daughter. Fang Li is in charge of family affairs and economic power. Lao Li only has a fixed amount of cigarette money and pocket money every month.

Starting in June this year, the mother and daughter realized that something was wrong with Lao Li. He started talking to the phone, sometimes staying up all night, and crying while listening to the video. In the middle of the night, a young girl’s voice came from his phone, “Hello, brother, this is Dong Qing.”

In Lao Li’s mouth, “Dong Qing” is a “woman with a story” who suffered a divorce, took his 7-year-old son alone, and suffered a lot in exchange for today’s achievements. As a much-anticipated woman, she promised in the video that she would “succumb to him and share her head”.

Fang Li’s friends also helped her persuade Lao Li to give up her illusion, but to no avail. It can be seen in the chat records with friends that Lao Li said he knew “Dong Qing” and chatted for a long time through video. “Dong Qing” never lost his temper to him. He doesn’t believe that all this is false, unless “Dong Qing” admits it himself, but he immediately denies this possibility, “She will never lie to me.”

In fact, most of the “communication” that Lao Li said was self-talking. He did not reply to any messages under the “Dong Qing” account. In a large number of so-called “co-production videos” between himself and “Dong Qing” he has released, he expresses his love in the comment area with unclear sentences.

Even more ridiculous is that one day in August, Fang Li learned that Lao Li was suddenly borrowing money from a friend. After repeated interrogation, her friend learned that Lao Li was going to see “Dong Qing” in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, and he had already arrived at the high-speed rail station. Fang Li immediately called to let Lao Li go home, but Jingdezhen failed to make it.

But because his family did not understand his “love”, now Lao Li has ran away from home and moved to live with his younger brother.

A little browsing will reveal that in the world of Douyin, many of the people interacting with Lao Li are not “Dong Qing”, but the same middle-aged and elderly men.

Because of the “co-production” video of Lao Li Aifa and “Dong Qing”, some people regarded Lao Li as Dong Qing. In the comment area of ​​his account, he used many typos and punctuation to greet “Dong Qing”. In a video, “Dong Qing” with a northern accent asked, “My friend, don’t know where you are?” In Lao Li’s comment area, three men left home addresses, from Guiyang, Guizhou and Nanyang, Henan. And Panzhihua, Sichuan.

In the private messages of Lao Li’s account captured by his daughter, he and other middle-aged and elderly men often misidentified each other as “Dong Qing” and complained to each other in private messages. Lao Li once sent many requests for phone calls and video chats, but none of them came true. Some people blocked him, and others called him “not looking in the mirror” in private messages.

Bulk trading “positive energy”

There are more than 90 fake Dong Qing accounts that Lao Li pays attention to. They are divided into two categories. One is to greet fans every day, and the other is to share positive energy quotations such as successful inspiration and emotional exchange.

Not only Dong Qing, but also short videos posing as Ma Yun, Jin Dong, Liu Kaiwei, Lin Zhiying, Liu Tao, Zhou Tao and other public figures, as long as they follow these two types of ideas, they can attract a large number of comments and attention from the elderly.

Fake video production is not complicated. Just find the celebrity video, dub it according to the copy written by yourself, and send it out according to the playing conditions of Douyin.

Southern Weekend reporters searched Taobao for “Tik Tok video material” and found multiple businesses operating this business. There are also businesses that provide dubbing services. Some Douyin users will also send short videos to tell everyone how to move videos or save their favorite audio.

In a Taobao shop, a material package is priced at 9.9 yuan, containing more than fifty categories of Douyin video materials, and comes with online courses such as Douyin operation and video editing. A reporter from Southern Weekend bought material packages from three businesses and found that the contents were similar.

In the material package, the material of “Father of Entrepreneurship” Jack Ma has a separate folder. The video picture is derived from Jack Ma’s previous public speeches, and the dubbing and copywriting are basically tied to dreams and success. Although the mouth shape is not right, the accent and tone are also different, but it does not affect the trust of Douyin fans in “Ma Yun”.

A Taobao store owner of Douyin material said, “The best thing to do is’positive energy’.” “Positive energy” covers jokes, emotional quotations, inspirational chicken soup, promotion of national spirit, national morale, etc. The main attraction is 35 years old. The crowd above.

On a trading platform for Douyin accounts, the staff told Southern Weekend reporters that if the target customers are middle-aged and elderly people, it is recommended to choose short video accounts like jokes and positive energy. On this trading platform, there is a mature account maintenance and account sales industrial chain.

Under the fake

Under the fake “Dong Qing” video, middle-aged and elderly men “talked to their heart.”

In Kuaishou, a “number-keeper” revealed to Southern Weekend reporters that he copied short videos from Douyin to quickly attract fans, and then sold the account. Generally speaking, the selling price of an account is equal to the unit price of the account multiplied by the number of fans, and the unit price of the account ranges from four cents to a dime.

Celebrities with “positive energy” naturally attract the elderly. Some industries that hope to accurately locate the elderly have seen a clear path to realization.

Among the more than 90 fake Dong Qing accounts, Southern Weekend reporters randomly sent 17 private messages, but most of them did not reply. They were just guiding fans to follow, like, comment, co-produce, and “raise a big” account. Seven replied accounts asked the same question: “How are you doing now?” “Do you want to change yourself?” “Have you started an Internet business?”

After answering these questions, the fake Dongqings will say, “I know a friend who has helped many people successfully start their businesses on the Internet. Would you like to find out?”

They couldn’t wait to give out the WeChat account of their “friends”, and told them to note “Dong Qing” and “Teacher Dong recommendation” when adding friends, and report the recommendation code. He will also ask, “You must study with an empty cup and ask humbly.”

“Entrepreneurship Mentor”

Through the WeChat account introduced by “Dong Qing”, Southern Weekend reporters contacted many “big health entrepreneurship mentors.” Talking about the relationship with Dong Qing, a mentor said that Dong Qing is not only his friend, but also a beneficiary of their company’s industry.

The mentors described the blueprint for entrepreneurship like this: “Our business is to use a mobile phone to operate the global market. We don’t need to stock, sell, and ship our own products, and convert household expenses into household income.”

The requirements of the trainees are very low, “As long as they can copy, paste, and type, people at the second grade level and above will succeed.” A tutor sent a few blurry pictures, and a rural mother’s monthly salary exceeded 10,000 for three months. The internet-blind eldest brother born in the 60s issued 11 orders a week, with bank payment information attached.

In the chat log puzzle he sent, entrepreneurs came from different regions, mostly Bao Ma, farmers, workshop workers, taxi drivers, etc. Another screenshot shows that his WeChat has nearly a hundred friends to add applications, “As long as you are behind you is your market, I will work for you all my life.”

The instructor mentioned that the company’s products come from two major online stores, covering all aspects of life. The company’s self-developed products have hired Nobel Prize winners as R&D consultants. They have been designated as state guest gifts at APEC meetings for several consecutive years, and have also been advertised on CCTV 8 sets.

Based on the product, you can make money. The instructor introduced that in this business, “the consumer is the operator.” If you pay 1700 yuan for the product, you will get a membership card number and password issued by the company. After binding the store, you can make money and become a distributor of the company.

When communicating with other instructors, basically repeat the same words. After the introduction of the method, the instructors “tacitly” sent photos of luxury cars, overseas travel, awards, dealer receptions, etc., to show that the career “money” has a bright future.

The promotional photos and mall pages they sent were ultimately related to a health products company headquartered in Ningbo: Sansheng (China) Health Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sansheng Health”). This is a direct selling company. It obtained a direct selling license in 2006 and has been established for 16 years.

90 fake "Dong Qing" in Douyin: "A lot of people start their business through mobile phones?" 1

“Tutors” urged to pay close attention to the publicity diagram of making money and occupying positions.

A reporter from Southern Weekend called Sansheng Health’s customer service. The other party said that becoming a Sansheng member is zero threshold. The company does have a product package of 1,700 yuan, but it is not the price of a membership card. Members can purchase on demand.

On the 3SBio website, the member registration portal links to 3SBio’s Youxiangyun Mall. Ordinary people can get members of the mall after registration, but this member can only shop, not market promotion. If you want to promote the market, you need to obtain the membership of Sansheng.

However, whether it is Sansheng Health’s WeChat or web version, only membership binding, unbinding and renewal are difficult to find the registration entry. The customer service reminds that to open a Sansheng membership, you need to consult with your “Sansheng partners” and ask them to provide an invitation code.

After the Southern Weekend reporter said that he did not know Sansheng partners, the customer service told him that downloading the Xiangyunshang App can also register as a Sansheng Standard Card member.

After completing the relevant information in the above App and confirming to sign the electronic contract of Sansheng’s agent and distributor, the page prompts that you need to purchase a nursing or food gift package equivalent to 1,700 yuan to open a card. The gifts in the package are not listed on e-commerce platforms such as and Taobao, so it is difficult to compare prices.

Compared with the general card opening for individuals, the conditions for opening the card through the instructor are more favorable. According to the information sent by a tutor, regular card members are priced at 1,700 yuan and can get up to nine rights, including company equivalent products, gifting members of two major malls (including Xiangyunshang, Sansheng official website mall) and various marketing courses , One-to-one guidance by the team, and a set of “automated flow money machine” developed by Dedao Yunchuang.

The relevant person in charge of Sansheng Health explained to the Southern Weekend reporter that 1,700 yuan is the price of the consumer product, not the threshold fee or head fee. They proposed to check the shipping number in the hands of the consignee to confirm whether the product was issued by Sansheng and whether the payment has actually entered the company. According to the 1700 yuan product package presented by it, the content does not include any of the aforementioned rights.

In addition to membership fees, it is worth noting this “automated flow of money machine.”

The instructors introduced that entrepreneurs with no connections, no eloquence, and no funds can also “operate the global market with a mobile phone”. It is this “automatic money making machine” that is also called a “magic system” by dealers.

This system refers to the Dedao International Cloud Creation System released in July 2016. The founder of the cloud creation system is Xie Jincun (nicknamed “Gao Ning”), and the title is the executive sales director of Sansheng Health.

Southern Weekend reporters followed more than 90 such fake

Southern Weekend reporters followed more than 90 such fake “Dong Qing” accounts.

A relevant person in charge of Sansheng Health told the Southern Weekend reporter that Dedao International is the dealer who has accompanied the company for the longest time. Xie Jincun is also a high-ranking salesperson in the sales team, but not a formal employee of Sansheng. Mentioning this system, the person said to surprise that he had never heard of it.

A mentor invited Southern Weekend reporters to experience the system. She sent a link to the mobile phone microsite with her personal information. After the newcomer fills in the registration information, she can see the referral points, management points and placeholder points in the member center, which correspond to the dealer’s income sources: referral award, leadership Awards and placeholder awards. Click on each point and there will be a video that fully introduces the dealer’s income model.

The place-place award refers to the “really earning” model generated in the order of payment. “Even if you do not recommend a guest, the people behind you are working for you”; the recommendation award is for every new person recommended by the dealer, You can get rewards, which are much higher than the placeholder award; the leadership award is 55% of the performance of the offline eight-generation dealers and can be given to the team manager.

In the course of the explanation, the instructors repeatedly emphasized the importance of “occupying”. The earlier you pay the money, the more you can get the award. Obviously, this set of rewards mechanism is oriented to pull newcomers, and only a steady stream of newcomers can join in order to ensure that the launch is profitable.

A tutor said that new numbers are added every day, so there is no need to worry about connections. Anyone who has experienced this system will have their contact information automatically left in the system, forming a binding relationship with the distributor who shares the connection, and becoming a “quasi-member” of the distributor.

Another instructor also said that under this system, there is no need to pay for it yourself, just find fans to join. “So occupying a position is the most important.” Her Youxiangyun Mall is rated as “Cloud Business.”

According to the official information of Youxiang Cloud Mall, “Cloud Merchant” is only limited to members of Sansheng Diamond Card. The grades of the Sansheng system are divided into general card, diamond card and diamond card VIP. It is mentioned in the internal training content of the dealer that it costs RMB 27,800 to upgrade the Diamond Card membership and RMB 39,800 for the Diamond Card VIP.

You can complain when you see “Lying Earn” and “Placeholder”

It is worth noting that none of these mentors who claimed to be dealers could provide proof materials such as dealer business licenses and agency contract. Two of the tutors provided their own videos of logging into the Sansheng Health membership system to prove themselves.

Southern Weekend reporters observed in three Sansheng Health membership groups of about 2,000 people that new people join the group every day. The group holds two video courses at a fixed time every day, and the tutor will assign homework and exams. A newcomer posted the after-school notes to the group. She wrote: “Either the lowest Puka or the highest VIP. To succeed, you must have a high positioning. I will do everything possible to (achieve) a high positioning. “

In response to the above phenomena, the person in charge of Sansheng Health stated that regular employees of direct selling companies are not allowed to engage in sales. 3SBio’s sales team includes direct sellers and distributors. Direct sellers sell products that have been registered for direct sales in areas where direct sales permits are obtained, while other products that have not been included in direct sales are sold by distributors. Due to restrictions on the number of approved direct selling products, the limitation of direct selling areas, and the number of people, direct sales accounted for only 10% of sales.

According to the person in charge, previously affected by the impact and influence of micro-business and e-commerce, 3SBio began to explore online sales and built two online e-commerce platforms, Youxiang Mall and Hummingbird Tribe. All 3SBio’s sales team can buy through the online platform or buy on behalf of others. However, after switching to online sales, some illegal operations or counterfeiting company behaviors became more concealed, and Sansheng has been trying to investigate and deal with them.

The relevant person in charge stated that since the beginning of the online business attempt, the company has paid great attention to irregularities in the market, and has continuously issued statements regulating the market behavior of dealers, such as the “Notice on Further Regulating the Practice of Marketers”, “Regulations for Development, Self-discipline Wins Respect” “Notice”, “Reward Reporting System”, etc., through the customer service center and business rules department, the company provides consumers with product consultation and return and exchange services on the one hand; on the other hand, for market violations, strictly follow the “Marketing Staff Code and Regulations such as “Management Regulations” and “Ten Warnings for Marketing Personnel” shall be dealt with strictly and the punishments shall be announced.

He said that the company expressly prohibits external misinterpretation of the company’s policies, especially the promotion of “liying earning”, “occupying induction” and “advocating material enjoyment”. If consumers find such information, they can find customer service telephone feedback and complaints in the letter to family members attached to the product and the company’s official channels.

Regarding training courses, company-led training needs to be reported to and approved by regulatory authorities to ensure that the content is in compliance, and the content mainly introduces company products. Regarding the training of the dealer team, under normal circumstances, it also needs to be reviewed and filed by the company. However, due to the large number of online classroom software, if the dealer does not take the initiative to report, the company finds that it is more difficult to obtain evidence.

If you want to verify the identity of the dealer, you can ask the other party to provide information such as the member number and name, and call the official website customer service for confirmation. For offline dealers, Sansheng will sign an agency agreement with them, requiring dealers to have a business license. However, there are so many online dealers that it is difficult to ensure that everyone is required to apply for a business license.

The relevant person in charge stated that despite the company’s three orders and five applications to strictly regulate the market, some market personnel still take risks for economic benefits and use various new platforms to conduct illegal operations. In order to circumvent company regulations, market personnel who violate the rules will deliberately conceal their truth. Identity, the company name is also deliberately concealed in the promotion, to avoid being discovered by the company’s rules department, which also brings many difficulties for the company to supervise and discover such behavior.

In response to the problems reported by reporters from Southern Weekend, Sansheng Health issued the “Notice on Launching Special Rectification Actions for the “Autumn and Winter Games” Market” on November 2, focusing on internal rectification of such violations.

(At the request of the interviewee, Fang Li and Lao Li are pseudonyms.)