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Setting: Virtua City in the near future

Last year it looked as though the Virtua Squad had finally put an end to the EVL Syndicate’s reign of crime over Virtua City. The gangleaders were all either behind bars, in intensive care, or under 6 feet of dirt. And the Virtua City police Special Investigations Unit got a new member in the shape of Janet Marshall, an expert in criminal psychology profiling.

Then trouble started brewing in unlikely places…. The vice-president of the Virtua City Bank was killed in shady circumstances that were only officially termed ‘accidental.’ And the swollen accounts of the now-defunct EVL Syndicate, which he had been suspected of laundering, were emptied overnight. The missing funds amounted to more than the GNP of most small countries.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, alarms break the quiet and calm of the Virtua City air. A daring daylight raid on the biggest jeweler’s in the state! And at the site of the new subway construction, there’s been an unusual amount of unexplained activity involving some very suspicious-looking materiel.

Something is up, and the whole town knows it. Virtua Cops – looks like it’s time to shut the badguys down again.

Meet the Virtua Cops

Allow us to introduce ourselves – or maybe you’ve heard of us already – we’re known as Rage and Smarty, the slickest guns on the beat, and now we’ve got a new partner, Det. Janet Marshall. We’re the members of the Virtua City Special Investigation Unit. But they call us the Virtua Cops.


Full Name: Michael Hardy

Rage has been know to take things a step too far on occasion. He’s the troublemaker on the force, and a headache for the captain. But there’s nobody you’d rather have on your side in a firefight.


Full Name: James Cools

Level-headed and cool under fire, Smarty is the perfect partner for the wild Rage. His sense of justice is only matched by his skill with a gun. Rage and Smarty have been a team since they were assigned to Unit, and they’ve never run into a gang they couldn’t handle.


Full Name: Janet Marshall

The newest member of the Virtua Squad, Janet is a specialist in criminal profiling and hand-to-hand combat. She’s got a notorious stubborn streak, but it’s justified by her conviction rate. She lost a partner one year ago, and she’s sworn never to give up looking for the perpetrators until they’re behind bars.

Virtua Cop Equipment

The law enforcement officers of the near future have access to a new level of crime-stopping technology that would be the envy of any police department today. Take a look at some of the high tech at their disposal.

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Lock-on Sighting Goggles

Hybrid Body Armor

Virtua Gun

Patrol Car

Lock-On Sighting Goggles

This next-generation detection system scans for all weaponry in the immediate vicinity and flashes a warning indicator when it detects incoming attacks.

Hybrid Body Armor

A combination of titanium alloy armor with high-impact ceramic and rubber fittings, this bullet-proof armor displays unequalled combat protection and shock-absorbency.

Virtua Gun “Guardian”

A built-in AI sensory system allows the Guardian to select mulitple targets and adjust firepower levels, allowing it to blast through inanimate barriers and obstacles, or stun human targets senseless.

Patrol Car

A souped-up version of the standard Virtua City squad car, with better handling for high-speed pursuit and reinforced armor for better protection.

The Bosses

Who are the new crimelords threatening the peace and safety of Virtua City? Can they be allowed to continue their fiendish reign of terror?

Stage 1 Boss

Bobbie Louise

The leader of the assault on the jewelry store downtown. Bobbie Louise is one big customer, but don’t be fooled – he’s no slowpoke.

Stage 2 Boss


A paramilitary unit calling the shots in the mission to kidnap the Virtua City mayor. They prefer aerial combat tactics that make full use of the manueverability afforded by their rocket belt packs. They swarm all over their opponents in overwhelming group formations.

Stage 3 Boss

Garse Bradley

The commander of a paramilitary terrorist organization, Bradley has a secret underground base in the bowels of Virtua City. Caution is advised in dealing with this heavily-armored commando.

Garse’s favorite tank.

Final Boss

The Mastermind

The man behind the recent chain of events. Nothing much is known about him, except he has a nasty grudge against the Virtua Cops.

Special Items

Shooting certain enemies and objects will uncover special items which the Virtua Cops can acquire by shooting.

Machine Gun (30 rounds) Hold the fire button down to release bursts of automatic fire. Machine guns can’t be reloaded.

Rifle (24 rounds) Hold down the fire button to shoot 3 round bursts. Rifles can’t be reloaded.

Automatic (15 rounds) The automatic holds 15 rounds in the clip making it easier to take out several enemies at once. It can be reloaded.

Shotgun (6 shells) Shotguns spray pellets over a wide area, making it easier to hit your target. They can be reloaded.

Magnum (6 rounds) The magnum has armor-piercing capabilities letting you shoot through barriers and cover. Magnums can be reloaded.

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*If you take damage when using a special weapon, you automatically return to the standard Virtua Gun.

Life This adds one Life point to your stock.


Stage 1: Beginner

You interrupt a jewelry heist in progress, and follow the thieves in a running car-chase firefight.

Stage 2: Medium

Rescue the mayor of Virtua City from vicious kidnappers. Follow them to their hideout in the yacht harbor, and blast them off the Fiesta Deck.

Stage 3: Expert

Pursue the crooks into the subway system, and even deeper into the heart of the Virtua City underground. Destroy the subterranean terrorist HQ.

And when the smoke clears…

Gameplay Advice

3-Point Shot

Collect bonus points for inflicting maximum damage by hitting one opponent with three shots.

Justice Shot

Get a Justice Shot bonus for shooting the weapon out of an enemy’s hands without hitting any vital parts.

Fire Away!

Various special items are concealed in objects, buildings and badguys throughout each stage. Try shooting likely-looking objects to uncover the goodies. Blow up oil drums to take out all the crooks in the blast area. Some objects can be shot just for the fun of watching them break. Give it a try when you’ve cleared an area of foes.

Don’t be fooled by decoys

During a firefight, some badguys just stand around looking pretty without presenting a threat. Don’t waste your time and ammo shooting at these dummies when there are more dangerous targets around. You can tell the decoys from the real McCoys becuase the lock-on sighting system won’t lock onto a decoy. Decoys like to jump out and shout “Hey!” then disappear quickly, making them a nuisance and distraction but not a danger. Of course, you get points for hitting decoys, and it’s nice to see them crumple in heaps on the floor. The question is – will you have the gun control and judgment needed to take out every target without getting plugged yourself?

Special Bonus Info: Hidden Options

So you want to know Where the Special Items are hidden?

Special Bonus Info: Hidden Options

Weapon Select•Auto Reload…

No confidence in your gun hand? There’s hope for you yet. Try out the hidden options like Weapon Select and Auto Reload to give your firepower a boost. When you fulfill certain conditions during gameplay, an extra item appears in the Game Settings menu, letting you switch these options on. But don’t expect to rack up high scores using these options. You get ranked down for conduct unbecoming of an officer and not giving the badguys a fighting chance.

延伸閱讀  超甜的王者情侶頭像Ⅰ 有沒有你本命英雄

How do you get to the hidden options menus?

Normal Difficulty level

Clear all stages. Then access the Game Settings menu. An extra item [Special] appears, allowing you to select the following hidden options:

*Single Click Reload: Reload with a single click of the mouse.

*Random Mode: Opponents come out in random formation.

*Mirror Mode: The game screen appears as a mirror image of the original.

*Big Head Mode: Characters appear with humorously enlarged heads.

Hard Difficulty level

Clear all stages. Then access the Game Settings menu. An extra item [Special] appears, allowing you to select the following hidden options:

*Auto Reload: Weapons automatically reload when you use all the ammo.

*Weapon Select: Allows you to choose any of the special weapons during gameplay.

*Weapon Select (Special): A special version of the Weapon Select option.

Special Items Locations

Stage 1

*Picture frame in the jewelry store>Machine gun

*Dumpster in front of apartment building>Rifle

*Badguy in apartment building>Life

*Dumpster at construction site>Automatic

*Wooden crate at construction site>Machine gun

Stage 2

*Computer on second floor of lobby>Magnum

*Badguy who appears near entrance of cruise ship>Life

*Control Room monitor (right-hand course)>Shotgun

*Badguy in room with painting of Sarah from VF2 (left-hand course)>Automatic

Stage 3

*Badguy who appears after the train pulls in>Machine gun

*Badguy at wicket (right-hand course)>Automatic

*Badguy in underground parking lot>Machine gun

*Badguy in base control room>Shotgun

*Badguy running in background of control room>Life

*Spinning light in control room>Machine gun

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