Relying on raising cats and dogs to make millions every year: What kind of business is a pet blogger?

After becoming a pet blogger, @我是老段, who has 1.24 million followers on Weibo, submitted a resignation application to the unit. The Lao Duan was originally a railway employee within the system, with a so-called “iron rice bowl” and a monthly salary of more than 4,000. But in the past two years, he has “debuted” in the pet We-media circle as another identity. By raising cats and dogs, he has gained millions of followers on Weibo, bringing in more than 10,000 monthly income.After some weighing, the old section chose to “righteous” his sideline and quit his job to concentrate on pet self-media.

Sina Technology Yang Xuemei

In recent years, the pet economy has swept across, short videos have become popular, cute pet content has gained more attention, the number of people raising pets has expanded, platform support has increased, and the pet supplies industry has become a potential blue ocean… The more pet bloggers like Lao Duan who catch up with the wave of times because of cats and dogs.

@李喜猫 is a veteran pet blogger who grew up with Weibo. He raises 12 cats and 1 dog full-time, earning one million a year; @金毛~路虎 has 17 million followers on Douyin, which is benefited from short videos The platform’s story-type joke contestant; @野老多 is a Vlog blogger who travels with dogs all over the country, and also takes into account the status of a lecturer in animal behavior…

Behind these stories of shovelers and pets is an aspect of the development of the domestic self-media content industry. Nowadays, content producers, content platforms, pet supply vendors, and pet owners have formed an increasingly large vertical field: According to the “White Paper on the Pet Industry 2019”, the number of pet owners (dogs and cats) nationwide in 2019 An increase of 8.4% over 2018. Last year, the overall consumption scale of the pet (dog and cat) market in China reached 202.4 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 220.3 billion yuan in 2020.

A big market of 100 billion level has already taken shape. These shovelers who are shooting pet videos are interpreting the value of traffic and business in the new content era. Behind them, commercialization opportunities are being released, and a sub-industry is gaining momentum.

The shovel officers report their family history

Cats and dogs are increasingly becoming a hobby of contemporary young people. Whether you really pet people or cloud pet groups, under this attention economy, some pets have become online celebrities if they keep patting them. .

Compared with other cute pet bloggers with exquisite content and storytelling, @我是老段’s journey to the big V is really accidental. He is a real grassroots blogger. The video content is based on the real life environment. Mainly shoot Vlog recording daily life.

Due to the diversification of the living environment and pet raising experience, the content level of the old section is also richer than that of the urban pet raising population. His work unit is in a railway station in the countryside. At the station, he has adopted three cats and two dogs one after another. In the city, he also has three fighting dogs. Cats, cats, dogs, and dogs are pregnant and give birth to children and help get lost The dog is looking for the owner, the scenery after the night shift at the station, and the dog is running and playing in the mountains… Since 2017, these scenes have formed every Vlog of the old section.

Source: @我是老段微博

Fans pay attention to and like the old section for different reasons. “Some people are because I picked up a dog, some are because of a hut (dog), some are because of Erqing (cat), and some people are born because of Erqing (cat). It’s not the same. Some time ago I rescued a greyhound that was hit by a train. After the related video was released, the watermelon video gained 10,000 fans overnight.”

At the beginning of 2019, the number of fans in the old section gradually increased, and soon broke through one million, and the data became better.

After feeling the traffic and dividends brought by another identity, the old Duan had the idea of ​​resigning. In addition, the living environment of the station cannot guarantee the safety of the big family of cats, cats and dogs, and frequent night shifts have caused too much physical damage. The old man decided to leave this stable job and become a full-time cute self-media person.

Lao Duan told Sina Technology that he had rented a house of more than 500 square meters in a rural area near the mountains in Guiyang, where he was about to start raising pets.

Unlike @我是老段’s content tonality, @金毛~路虎, which has 17 million followers on Douyin, focuses on short stories and paragraphs. The person in charge of the account, the owner of the dog Land Rover, Hu Dad, interprets and exaggerates the dog’s rich behavior and expressions, and integrates it into the touching and warm story frame to deduce a short video that is lifelike and dramatic content.

As a cute pet account that has grown up in the short video platform ecology, its content style is also very short video platform tonality. In a 2.16 million views of “What Dogs Do at Home” video, when the owner goes to work, Land Rover can “wash” clothes, hold dog food, and give the owner an umbrella at the gate of the community when it rains.

Source: @金毛~Land Rover video clip

Source: @金毛~Land Rover video clip

Below the video are all “moved” comments that praise Gougou sensible. Of course, netizens will also question the “possibility of shooting and sensationalism.” Tiger Dad told Sina Technology, “Don’t forget your original intentions and take every piece of the story well.”

“Land Rover was raised since I was a child, and they have a good understanding of each other. They also understand the owner’s meaning. Their expressions and movements are richer and special. At the same time, I have learned some dog training knowledge, guided and communicated, and can show Storytelling content.” Tiger Dad said that to make short stories like this is to exaggerate the bits and pieces of life and the true story, and to guide Land Rover to show it, so that it can resonate with fans. According to reports, a complete video shooting cycle of Land Rover is 3 to 4 days.

This year, Tiger Dad signed a contract with MCN Wuyou Media, and began to use the capabilities of professional content agencies to refine the production and operation of accounts, and at the same time make commercial realization more smoothly. He said that in the future, he might raise a dog and hatch a new account.

Cute pet content is still blue ocean?

In recent years, with the burst of short video content dividends, more and more “gold nuggets” have also poured into the vertical field of cute pets. According to Sina Technology, the income of most pet bloggers is mainly divided into three parts, one is traffic income from video platforms; the other is advertising income; some bloggers also have e-commerce income, including their own Taobao stores or live broadcasts. .

Compared with advertising monetization, the e-commerce monetization model is heavier, but the ceiling is different.

In an interview with Sina Technology, 38°C MEDIA co-founder Yu Yangsui revealed that in fact, the ceiling of the advertising model is still limited. For a million-fan account, the advertising ceiling for one year is what you want: If an advertisement is 4-5 Ten thousand yuan, even if you receive 5 advertisements a month, the annual income is only more than 2 million yuan. “To break through the ceiling, it is nothing more than to continue to increase the number of fans. But even if it reaches 5 million or 10 million fans, the ceiling will be slightly lower.”

According to it, pet bloggers’ advertisements cost tens of thousands of dollars, and the range of advertisers they face is relatively limited, and the corresponding advertising prices and breadth are not so wide.

However, the e-commerce model can reach revenues of one or two billion a year. As long as your goods are good enough, your supply chain is strong enough, fans trust you, and your operational capabilities are not bad, this is impossible for advertising models.

In addition to common advertising, e-commerce, and traffic revenue models, there are also some more professional pet bloggers who have explored characteristic commercial models.

Beijing Renye Lao Duo is a very lazy pet blogger.

He told Sina Technology that he only accepts two or three advertisements a month and does not like to be restricted and controlled by contracts, so he did not sign MCN. The account is done by himself. In his free time, he will take dogs to travel everywhere. The content of Weibo is just Shooting daily, sharing pet experience, and often urged by fans. Of course, he is also engaged in export trade-related work, pet bloggers are just a sideline.

When Ye Lao Duo started raising dogs, Weibo hadn’t appeared yet. He likes to take videos of his own Huskies called Duo Tailang, and upload them on Youku and at the time. As two or three videos were madly forwarded, Duo Tailang became popular after a short time. Fans.

After the appearance of Weibo, Ye Lao Duo gradually established a main position on it. In 2015, he began to operate the account @野老多 as a pet blogger. Over the years, Ye Lao Duo has accumulated 1.89 million fans. Most of his fans have followed him for many years, and they have also witnessed various important nodes in the family: Duo Tailang passed away due to illness, the new member is fine (dog) and Duo Xiaoxian (cat) joined, Ye Lao Duo married, Ye Lao Duo became a lecturer on animal behavior…

In recent years, Ye Lao Duo has become more fascinated by pet raising. He has learned a lot of professional knowledge and received the guidance of professional teachers. He began to appear in major lectures and courses as a pet behavior lecturer, and advocated the science of dog owners. Raise a dog and conduct correct social training for dogs.

Source: @野老多微博

Source: @野老多微博

Such offline activities have brought him part of his income, but more often out of hobbies, and now his courses have also been extended to online.

Like Ye Lao Duo, @李喜猫 is also the one who has made achievements in the professional field because of raising pets and making accounts.

Li Ximao was also an early pet blogger on Weibo. Her Weibo features daily cat exposure and animal rescue. After the fans reached a certain level in 2017, Li Ximao began to work full-time as a pet self-media, and signed MCN professional development.

Today, she is the person in charge of the @李喜猫 account and a senior operator of new media. As a “comer”, she will teach and share experience with newcomers in the company.

Li Ximao’s Weibo content is mainly based on the daily life of cats, cats and dogs at home. In the early days, it mainly produced graphic content, and now it focuses on video content. She revealed to Sina Technology that in the past, when outputting content by writing articles, the entire platform could earn tens of thousands of yuan a month, but now all platforms do not support graphics and texts, and can only shift the focus to video content that can earn dividends. on.

Li Ximao revealed that the main monetization methods for accounts are traffic monetization and advertising, and the annual income can reach one million yuan.

Source: @李喜猫微博

Source: @李喜猫微博

Talking about the bottleneck of his own development, Li Ximao said that if the account wants to grow up, the bottleneck lies in the fact that the video is too life-like and less dramatic. “This is mainly because I don’t have a fixed team myself.” Although I signed MCN, in terms of content output, Li Ximao has always been running this account full-time. He only joined an editor at the end of last year.

She said that in the future, professional team members will be added, and the content will be in-depth, professional, and popular.

“It’s my hobby to do this business, and later it became a career. I will also consider extending the account of food or travel in the future. But it’s busy now, and it’s still under consideration.” She still emphasized that when shooting pets, we still have to present. They are the most authentic look, instead of building a personal setting, this is what fans really want to see.

Industry chaos needs to be contained urgently

Driven by factors such as the welcome of the younger generation and platform support, the pet content market is expanding rapidly. Kuaishou once announced that there are nearly 50,000 head animal pets on its platform, and the daily short video or live broadcast of animal pet content reaches 500 million times.

From filming and playing to becoming a full-time blogger, this is a lucky event, but it is also highly contingent. Not all pet owners can enjoy this wave of dividends.

Source: @我是老段微博

Source: @我是老段微博

Yu Yanghu said that a trend in this industry is that all content producers of cute pets must produce special content. At this stage, unless your cats and dogs are really cute and outstanding, simply sharing cute and cute content is no longer very competitive.

“There are many people in this industry who make cute pet content, but only about 10% of them earn more than 50,000 yuan a month.”

Yu Yanghu told Sina Technology that in the entire cute pet content industry, the development of many head cute pet accounts on Weibo in the early days is relatively stable. They have been doing this for many years, and they have always been very big heads, and they have been out of the circle. . Of course, the rise of some accounts follows the development of platforms, such as Douyin, Kuaishou, Station B, and Xiaohongshu. However, after they have gained a certain number of fans on platforms that prefer public domain traffic, they tend to prefer a more private domain traffic approach to operating fans, starting to operate accounts on Weibo and WeChat, and establish fan groups.

Although various trends are improving, Yu Yangsui also pointed out that compared with Japan and the United States, the development of China’s entire pet industry is not enough and the competition is fierce, but there are no oligarchs or giants like other industries.

When the entire industry chain is in its infancy, when brand owners place more emphasis on advertising and marketing, return is what they can achieve.

“When customers choose KOLs, they will definitely consider whether the content is OK and whether the content is in line with the brand. The most important thing is how vertical the KOL content is, how many fans are cloud-raised pets, and how many are actually pets. Yes, the brand generally hopes to reach more real pet-raising crowds instead of cloud-raising pets.”

Yu Yangsi said that of course, there are some customers with relatively high brand awareness. They are not interested in product sales, but brand exposure and reach the crowd.

At present, the industry is still dominated by the first brand. And the pet bloggers who have been successfully out of the circle face not only the first type of customers, but also many second type of brand customers.

In this huge blue ocean of cute pet content, in addition to cats and dogs, there are also many bloggers who photograph cold-blooded animals such as pigs, ducks, geese, tortoises, pigeons, and lizards. However, unless such accounts have a special head and have a certain amount of traffic, commercialization is relatively limited, and they need to explore their own set of monetization models.

Yu Yangsi believes that the market needs to have a certain degree of patience with the entire industry. This industry should be a friend of time. In the future, the competition will become more intense, the pool will become bigger and bigger, and the realization model will definitely become more abundant. Now the overall content of cute pets has been developing towards this state of affairs.

However, popularity and doubts are also issues that all pet bloggers will face. When an account starts a business path, it will inevitably lead to disputes, and there are also certain risks.

For example, after the head-cute pet blogger “memory vest” became famous, he was pushed to the forefront by netizens because of frequent advertisements and other issues. Similar problems also appear on the waist or new pet bloggers.

Today, there is also a case of industry chaos that some people do not hesitate to create gimmicks and unscrupulous means for the sake of popularity, such as forcing pets to eat and broadcast. When talking about the chaos in the industry, Li Ximao said that there are two types of pet bloggers, one is to become a blogger because of hobbies, and the account is himself; the other is to make money and become a blogger. This account only needs to earn money and marketing. It may also mislead many people and cannot be held accountable if something goes wrong. Such people will destroy the entire industry.

However, the industry is growing, and the platform rules are gradually improving. Behind the booming cute pet business, a “new world” will gradually enter the mainstream view.