Actually explored Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast background: the trial product has exceeded 100,000 pieces of dreams to be a personal brand

“Girls are optimistic, I can change the song with the touch of my hand. Isn’t it convenient?” Late at night, “Taobao Brother” Li Jiaqi, in his live broadcast room, wore black technology sunglasses jointly launched by Gentle Monster and Huawei. Demonstrate while talking.In this new program called “+7 New Product Show”, Li Jiaqi does not sell goods, only recommends branded products. Li Jiaqi, who has been in Shanghai for four years and brought goods out of the circle through live broadcast, has constantly introduced new ones in the form of “bringing goods”. “I have tried at least 100,000 beauty and skin care products. In the future, if I have the opportunity, I still want to make a personal brand belonging to Li Jiaqi. I want domestic brands to stand side by side with first-line brands in the mall. “Li Jiaqi looked forward to his future like this.

Li Jiaqi Evolution

“I saw a transparent TV on the Internet the first day, and then I told my colleagues if I could buy it. I was pleasantly surprised when it appeared in our company the next day.” Xiaomi Transparent TV, which broke through the traditional boundaries, was the first The finished products from Taiwan are on the “+7 New Product Show.”

As for Gentle Monster and Huawei’s joint sunglasses, Li Jiaqi was also the only anchor who received 13 models in the entire series that day.


Li Jiaqi is live streaming

“You can look at it as a new variety show.” Li Jiaqi said, “+7 New Product Show” is a new content format derived from live broadcast. “I think Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room is not just a sales place. It’s not just a place to show how much money I can sell, but a place to show human touch, love and companionship. So I think the “+7 new product show” is the same. What I need is to give everyone new information and new Trends and I will study with everyone.”

From live broadcasting to bring goods, to charity and poverty alleviation, to acting in movies, and to new product shows, Li Jiaqi, who has been in Shanghai for four years, has already been out of the circle.

Generally speaking, a brand is recommended in the first phase of “+7 New Product Show”, which is a popular new product of big names at home and abroad, commonly known as “big new hot”. “A large part of my fans are white-collar women. They want to know the latest fashion product information, so we made this show,” Li Jiaqi said. “Girls can be in the live broadcast room before this product is launched. From my impressions and from my description, I have experienced whether this product is good.”

It’s not just the content format of the live broadcast that is being updated.

In just one year, Li Jiaqi’s office of the American wrist company moved from the flat floor to a single-family office building; the background of the live broadcast room was also updated from a simple lipstick wall to a “Li Jiaqi live broadcast room” with a luminous logo; the number of cameras was increasing. Li Jiaqi’s product display space during the live broadcast is not limited to a few square meters in front of the table; the selection team behind the scenes is also updating and iterating, including the company’s first “QC (Quality Inspection) Team”.

With the rise of the live streaming industry, Li Jiaqi, who is famous for selling branded products, caught up with the wave in Shanghai and gradually went out of the circle in a few years.

In 2016, Li Jiaqi came to Shanghai. During Double 11 in 2018, Li Jiaqi sold 15,000 lipsticks in 5 minutes. In February 2019, Li Jiaqi’s “OMG! Buy it, buy it, buy it!” became popular on Douyin. Before and after “Double 11” in 2019, Li Jiaqi’s popularity has made a qualitative leap. The live broadcast content has frequently appeared in hot searches, and the name of “Taobao Brother” has been launched. At the time of the “618” promotion in 2020, Li Jiaqi bluntly stated that it was “busier than last year’s Double 11”.

Li Jiaqi’s goal does not stop there.

“I have tried at least 100,000 products. In the future, if I have the opportunity, I still want to make a personal brand belonging to Li Jiaqi. I want domestic brands to stand side by side with first-tier brands in the mall, because I I found that in the past two years, China’s supply chain, factories, R&D and design, or some unique ingredients are very powerful.

“I hope that Jiaqi’s live studio is also a small epitome of Shanghai, because Shanghai is a fashion capital. It is very fashionable, fast, very unconventional, and unique. I want to present Jiaqi’s live studio to everyone. The single product is the same.” Li Jiaqi said.

Hope that domestic products will go international

“The weight of this air cushion is too light, and the appearance looks good, but it feels weightless when you get started. Let’s change the packaging.”

“The color of the lipstick this season should be grayscale and a little matte. The trend of the trend is changing at any time, please change it.”

“Your price is more expensive among domestic essences. 30ml costs 389 yuan. With a little extra money, you can buy essences that are familiar to big brands.”

“Your supply must keep up, otherwise I recommend it to fans, and there will be a gap in the supply. For example, once in the live broadcast room, the result will not come for three or four months or five or six months. Forget this brand.”

To domestic brands, Li Jiaqi often makes such outspoken suggestions.

In the early years, Shanghai’s beauty brands helped Li Jiaqi’s growth, and Li Jiaqi, who was out of the circle, was also promoting the development of the brand. Nowadays, from packaging materials, to lipstick numbers, and even to sponge materials, many cooperative brands will ask Li Jiaqi for advice before mass production.


Li Jiaqi and colleagues are discussing

As the “Taobao Brother”, Li Jiaqi witnessed the rise of Shanghai as the “Brand Live Broadcasting First City” in four years. Li Jiaqi said with a smile that some domestic brands have “watched them grow up”.

With the help of Li Jiaqi, the domestic beauty brand Huaxizi went out of China.

“When Huaxizi’s Bainiao Chaofeng eye shadow palette and carved lipstick were reported by foreign media and searched in Japan, I felt so proud. Japanese people would say that this is not a work of art? Is this cosmetic? ? Then I say that this is too beautiful or something, I will feel so happy.”

Shanghai is not only a city for new brand entrepreneurship, but also a city where time-honored domestic brands are booming. Statistics show that in the past year, 52 time-honored brands on Tmall have an annual turnover of more than 100 million yuan. Shanghai has 17 seats, accounting for one-third, the largest in the country.

“I think for some domestic products, I used to help them dig out good products, and then recommend them to consumers. Now I am a bit like their marketing director or product manager, for the packaging and price of their products. , Marketing methods and so on.” Li Jiaqi introduced, “I also spend a lot of time in meetings with brands to create some new products with them. I will give some suggestions for a new product.”

In his view, compared with international brands, the packaging design, brand story and brand premium capabilities of domestic products need to be improved.

Brand starting place

According to the United States, in the first half of this year, more than 40 brands jointly launched new products in Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room.

On May 15, the Lego Group launched the world premiere of the “Lego Wukong Xiaoxia” series in Shanghai. Almost at the same time, the Lego Wukong Xiaoxia series has entered the Li Jiaqi live broadcast room as a special debut.

“I am very grateful for the brand’s use of Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room as the starting place for the product. The brand is choosing the camp for the brand’s first launch, including some celebrity guests, and they will consider whether the brand matches the personality of the person. More suitable factors. Therefore, there are many considerations for the brand’s first launch.” Li Jiaqi thinks.

In 2020, when offline sales are generally impacted, live broadcast rooms have become a traffic dividend high ground in the eyes of brands, and more and more brands use live broadcast rooms as their first product launch locations.

“The first product in the live broadcast room is very convenient in terms of layout, personnel, venue and display effects, and it faces more people.” Li Jiaqi said, “The choice of the first brand product is particularly important, whether it is online or Offline, once the first launch is unsuccessful, subsequent efforts will be less effective.”

In the choice of the brand’s first place, the brand also has many considerations.

“For example, if a lipstick is on the market, they will choose an art museum in Shanghai as the first place to display it very beautifully, and invite many industry teachers, KOLs and experts to discuss, exchange, and test the product. This is Everyone chooses Shanghai as the starting point.” In Li Jiaqi’s view, Shanghai can become the starting place for many brands’ new products because it is tolerant of new things and has many elite talents.

Since 2020, the “online new economy” policy, the “Five-five Shopping Festival” and other series of supporting policies have been introduced, which has consolidated the foundation for Shanghai’s title of “Brand Live Broadcasting First City”.

According to the official website of the Ministry of Commerce, Taobao data shows that in the domestic first-tier cities, Shanghai’s Taobao live broadcast has become the country’s first in terms of the number of users watched and the scale of participation of various brands.

Talent bonus

In the 22 live broadcasts of the “618 Promotion” in 2020, Li Jiaqi and his team have achieved a total sales of 2.2 billion yuan.

“I have come to Shanghai since 2016, and I feel that I have come to the right place.” Li Jiaqi told reporters, “‘Brand Live Broadcasting City’ is worthy of its name. I welcome more Internet marketers to Shanghai and bring new sales forms to Shanghai. Everyone, make progress with this city. Shanghai is very helpful to my career. Leaders and the government have helped Jiaqi’s live broadcast room a lot because they often come to our company for research and sometimes they will work with us to solve some live broadcasts. The issue of goods gives us a lot of pointers.”

On June 29, four years later, information on the official website of the Shanghai Chongming District Government showed that Li Jiaqi was on the list of the first batch of special talents introduced and settled in Chongming District in 2020.

Shanghai’s brand gathering and talent dividend are the relationship of mutual achievement. In Li Jiaqi’s view, the gathering of first-line brand leaders, KOLs, and fashion industry professionals in Shanghai is a natural advantage for him to communicate with brands.

“I am very grateful to Shanghai and the city for giving me many opportunities. The Chinese headquarters of L’Oreal, Estée Lauder, and LVMH are in Shanghai, and the heads of many first-tier international brands are also in Shanghai. Maybe they chose Shanghai because of Shanghai. People are more tolerant. Second, Shanghainese are more fashionable, and they want to try new things very much, so many brands will choose to start in Shanghai. Our live broadcast studio is in Shanghai, so many brands follow us The exchanges will also be closer.” As the first anchor to bring beauty products out of the circle, Li Jiaqi was deeply impressed.

In the early years, live streaming was regarded as the online version of the “price war”. With the development of the live streaming industry, refined operations have become the industry’s “killer”, so talent is particularly important.

“Our industry seems to have low barriers to entry, but in fact our real’killer’ is refined operations, which requires high talents. Li Jiaqi has settled in Shanghai as a special talent, which also allows more live broadcast e-commerce talents to see The hope of long-term development in Shanghai has also encouraged more high-quality talents to enter this industry.” Li Lin, president of Wuyou Media, believes.


Shanghai Network Audio-visual Industry Association MCN Special Committee is meeting

“I think becoming Li Jiaqi is the dream of every anchor. Although it cannot be copied, I think some new paths may emerge, and there may be opportunities to reach their current level.” The anchor of Wangxiang Culture clearly thinks so.

For Li Jiaqi, who has been in Shanghai for 4 years, his original intention has not changed.

“I just want to get good welfare for all girls. Even if I really want to sleep, but I still have to finish my work, I still want everyone to buy the best things in 618, Double 11, and Double 12. “

If you didn’t come to Shanghai at that time, would you still be Li Jiaqi now?

“I think it may be completely different. If one step is not taken, it may be completely different.” Li Jiaqi replied.