“Yunyangniu” App scam: A number of company information is suspected of being fraudulently used to defraud money with non-existent cattle

Xiao Ning from Hainan has recently encountered a bad thing.He said that he invested 220,000 yuan in an app called Tianhe Animal Husbandry, “Yun Yang Niu”, but he did not expect that the app suddenly could not be logged in. After calling the police, he learned that he was involved in a “new type of online fraud.” , The so-called cow does not exist at all.

More than one person was said to have been deceived. Recently, The Paper received complaints from many victims of the “Yunyang Cattle” scam from many places across the country. They claimed that during the epidemic, there were multiple apps with “animal husbandry” in the name, under the name “Internet + animal husbandry”. ”Allows users to adopt “cows” with different return rates online in the App to obtain benefits.

The complainant stated that after these apps have been in operation for a period of time, investors are required to invest a large amount of money to redeem the principal on the grounds of paying taxes, or induce additional funds for various reasons, and then they cannot log in. They set up a number of victim rights protection groups, involving 12 “cloud raising cattle” apps that cannot be logged in or withdrawn. The victims are scattered all over the country, and the amount defrauded ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

The Paper Journalist’s investigation found that “Cloud Raising Cattle” apps all claimed to have formal animal husbandry companies behind them. However, after the incident, a number of animal husbandry companies involved claimed that illegal elements had fraudulently used business licenses, domain names and other information.

At present, the police in Hainan, Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan and other places have opened the case for investigation after receiving the report. A policeman from the Public Security Bureau of Hohhot and Linger County told The Paper that there are currently victims across the country, involving multiple apps, involving a large number of people, and making investigations difficult.

Can you make money by raising cattle online?Some users said that the investment of 250,000 can not be taken out

On the afternoon of June 24, when Li Bing (pseudonym) was browsing a tweet on the WeChat public account, he found a new “Internet + animal husbandry” investment project-“Xinyue Animal Husbandry” cloud cattle breeding project. Downloaded the “Xinyue Animal Husbandry” App according to the QR code provided in the tweet.

Li Bing’s

Li Bing’s “Adoption Record” on Xinyue Animal Husbandry App The pictures in this article are provided by the interviewees

According to the App, the company’s full name is Inner Mongolia Xinyue Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd. The company has combined many large-scale animal husbandry farms and launched an Internet wealth management ranch with the concept of “Internet + shared ranch + adoption model”. Users can use the “Xinyue Animal Husbandry” App to spend money to adopt cattle, and then entrust the cattle to the platform for breeding, and can view the cattle breeding process in real time. The final income of the cattle will be divided into the daily “adoption profit”. Settlement and withdrawal can be done when it expires.

Li Bing said that seeing this novel investment model made him both excited and worried. In order to verify the reliability of the App, he inquired about the company’s qualifications through the Tianyan Check website, and determined the business license and other content. “At that time, I saw that the company’s certificates and qualifications were perfect, and I thought it was reliable. Promote Internet+”.

From the screenshot provided by Li Bing, we can see that on the App, each cow is marked with the corresponding number, adoption amount, breeding period and estimated profit of breeding. The breeding period ranges from 2 days to 31 days. The higher the adoption amount, the more The longer the period, the higher the “profit” obtained.

Li Bing invested 500 yuan on the same day, and the next day it was shown that he had made a profit of 5 yuan, which was received within 24 hours after withdrawal. Seeing that the App can indeed bring huge profits, Li Bing was very excited and began to invest money to adopt more cattle. He said that the maximum investment amount reached 250,000 yuan.

Xinyue Animal Husbandry App issued the

Xinyue Animal Husbandry App issued the “According to the law and integrity tax payment” notice

While Li Bing was immersed in the daily increase in profits, on August 6, the App platform suddenly posted a notice on the homepage of “paying taxes in good faith according to law”. The notice stated that the daily chemical income of high-yield projects operated by Xinyue Animal Husbandry in the past few days has exceeded the provisions of the national tax law. It has been found by the Ulanchabu Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation. Members are requested to pay taxes according to the VIP level! Tax payment is just a form for you to cooperate with our company. After the payment is successful, you can submit it to the tax bureau at 24 o’clock and you can resume normal withdrawals.

The notice stated that if the tax payment is not completed within the specified time, the member account will be permanently frozen in accordance with the law, and all funds in the account will also be submitted to the tax bureau as a tax, and be included in the untrustworthy executive. According to the VIP level, users need to pay funds ranging from 3,000 yuan to 800,000 yuan, and cannot use the existing balance in the account.

At that time, Li Bing had already belonged to the VIP5 level of the platform, and the required payment was 150,000 yuan. This large amount of money made him very embarrassed. He tried to withdraw the 250,000 yuan in the account, but it was delayed.

“I didn’t have that much money on hand, so I asked the customer service at the time. The customer service said that I had to pay the corresponding taxes before cashing out. If I didn’t have that much money, I would freeze the funds in the account and submit it to the tax bureau according to the notice.” Li Bing immediately felt deceived. He warned the customer service staff, “If I can’t get my principal, I will report it.” The customer service responded: “My Ministry of Justice will cooperate with you, and I will cooperate with the tax bureau to include you as a dishonest executive staff.”

On the afternoon of August 7, Li Bing went to the police station near his home to report the case, but the police did not accept the case because the App company was registered in Inner Mongolia. When Li Bing tried to withdraw cash that night, he found that the app could not be logged in, and 250,000 funds were locked in the app.

“I’m really stupid. I’ve saved half of my hard-earned money and I’ve been defrauded.” Li Bing said that 100,000 yuan of the 250,000 defrauded was family savings, and 150,000 yuan was a loan applied for by himself. At present, it is not only for family members. Normal life is affected, and I have to repay the loan monthly.

Users said they were guided to invest more and more, and multiple “cloud raising cattle” apps were accused of running away

Another deceived, Wang Jing (pseudonym), was deceived only after completing the “tax payment”.

She told The Paper that she had already invested 83,000 yuan in the platform when the App released the “Tax Payment Notice” on August 6. In order to prevent the money in the account from being “turned over to the tax bureau,” Wang Jing transferred 30,000 yuan to the platform for “tax payment.”

But when she logged in to the account to apply for withdrawal the next day, she found that the app showed that the funds had been withdrawn, the account balance was zero, and the bank card she bound did not have a cent in the account. That night, the App could not be logged in, and she realized that she had fallen into a scam.

Tianhe Animal Husbandry App's Cloud Raising Cow Interface

Tianhe Animal Husbandry App’s Cloud Raising Cow Interface

What makes Wang Jing’s heart lingering is that not long after she invested in Xinyue Animal Husbandry, she posted a promotion article “Tianhe Animal Husbandry App” on an information platform, “The model is the same, but Tianhe Animal Husbandry raises cattle. The profit is higher than that of Xinyue. I was a little afraid at the time and didn’t invest. I signed it every day to earn points.” Wang Jing said that shortly after the Xinyue Animal Husbandry App went wrong, the Tianhe Animal Husbandry App also had the problem of being unable to log in.

After the incident, Wang Jing joined the rights protection group of Xinyue Animal Husbandry. The group showed that hundreds of people were deceived, and the total amount defrauded reached 7 million yuan. Soon after, Wang Jing learned from the group that victims of Tianhe Animal Husbandry had also established a rights protection group. There are currently 56 people in the group. “The investment models of these two apps are the same, and it is very likely that the same group of people are behind them.

Many complainants reported to The Paper that at present, in addition to the Xinyue Animal Husbandry App and Tianhe Animal Husbandry App, there are currently unavailable logins and withdrawals. There are also Dishi Animal Husbandry, Kaixin Animal Husbandry, Dongjun Animal Husbandry, Quansheng Animal Husbandry, The 10 “Cloud Raising Cattle” wealth management apps of Xinyuan Animal Husbandry, Shengyuan Animal Husbandry, Miaorun Animal Husbandry, Yinlong Animal Husbandry, Youxiang Animal Husbandry, and Shousheng Animal Husbandry also failed to log in and unable to withdraw funds.

Among them, Kaixin Animal Husbandry, Quansheng Animal Husbandry, Xinyuan Animal Husbandry, and Shengyuan Animal Husbandry all issued a “lawful tax payment notice” with similar content to Xinyue Animal Husbandry before the App could not log in, requiring users to pay “taxes” according to membership levels. , Otherwise it will not be able to withdraw cash, and promise to withdraw all tax funds and principal and interest in the morning after tax payment. After the user paid the “tax”, the withdrawal was still not possible, and the platform was closed shortly afterwards, the model was the same as Xinyue Animal Husbandry.

Xiao Ning claimed to have encountered another way of being deceived in the “Cloud Raising Cow” app.

“I saw the Tianhe Animal Husbandry cloud raising cattle advertisement in June this year. At that time, I thought it was a very novel investment model. I also used Baidu, Aiqicha, Tianyancha and other websites to investigate this app, and I felt that the company had a certificate. Complete and very formal.” Xiaoning said, to be cautious, he has always invested 500 and 2,000 yuan, and he has normally recovered the principal and income at maturity.

But before the Qixi Festival, the app launched the Tanabata “welfare cow” project. Each cow claims 10,000 yuan and can get 357 yuan back every day. The investment period is 5 days. With an attitude of giving it a try, Xiao Ning invested 10,000 yuan, and the earnings of the first 4 days were all received as scheduled, but the principal and earnings that should have been returned on the fifth day were delayed.

“At the time, she contacted customer service, she said that Qixi cattle must vote 5 or more to withdraw cash, otherwise, they can only wait for the end of the year to liquidate, return the principal, and deduct a 10% handling fee.” After listening to the customer service, Xiao Ning again I invested in 4 cows, but the principal and interest have not yet arrived after 5 days.

Xiao Ning said that he contacted the customer service staff again, and was told that because the interval between the two investments exceeded 48 hours, he had to recharge 50,000 yuan at a time for “callback data”, and the principal and income could be withdrawn after approval. The chat screenshot provided by Xiao Ning showed that the customer service repeatedly emphasized to him that “all the funds will be returned directly to the account, the account will be received in real time, and the cash will be withdrawn immediately.”

Xiao Ning invested 150,000 yuan under the inducement of Tianhe Animal Husbandry App customer service

Xiao Ning invested 150,000 yuan under the inducement of Tianhe Animal Husbandry App customer service

However, the matter is not over. Under the guidance of the other party, in order to redeem the principal, Xiao Ning has recharged a total of 150,000 yuan to the platform, plus the previous investment funds, the total investment reached 220,000 yuan. Since then, Xiao Ning found that the funds had been withdrawn abnormally, and the customer service did not reply to the message. Until September 3, he found that the App could not be logged in, and he could not search in the App Store. His funds were locked in a disappearing App. in.

The Paper News reporters learned from multiple victim rights protection groups that among the 12 “Cloud Raising Cow” apps that are currently accused of unable to withdraw funds and cannot log in, they can find the Xinyuan Animal Husbandry app that first published promotional articles on the Internet. It went online in early May this year, and it was unable to log in on July 1st. Most of the other apps were launched between June and July this year, and they were found to be unable to log in between August and September. Each App has a lifespan of about 2 months. Currently, they are all in the App Store and cannot be searched, downloaded and installed. The status of unable to log in.

Many companies behind the App claim that information was stolen by criminals

After discovering that the Tianhe Animal Husbandry App could not be logged in, Xiao Ning went to the registration place of Inner Mongolia Tianhe Holstein Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., the company to which the App belongs, to find out the situation. He said that he met two company workers, “The workers said that this company is dead long ago and there are no cattle anymore. I asked them if they knew the Tianhe Dairy Cloud Raising Cattle App. They said they had never heard of it.”

Inquired about Inner Mongolia Tianhe Holstein Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. through the Tianyancha website. In the discussion column, many people claimed to be victims of Tianhe Animal Husbandry App and asked the company to return investment funds.

On September 4, Inner Mongolia Tianhe Holstein Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. issued a “Statement” stating that criminals fraudulently used the company’s name to set up a “Tianhe Animal Husbandry” financial management app, and used the app to issue a ” “Internet animal husbandry raising cattle” financial products.

The “Statement” emphasizes that the company has never established or authorized others to set up a website and app financial management platform in the name of the company; any app financial management platform established in the name of the company or financial management agreement signed with others in the name of the company has nothing to do with the company.

In response, The Paper reporters contacted Inner Mongolia Tianhe Holstein Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. many times, but they did not answer the phone.

On October 16, a police officer in charge of the case in the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Helinger County told The Paper that after investigation, the Tianhe Animal Husbandry App and Inner Mongolia Tianhe Holstein Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. did not have any relationship. “We understand , The criminals fraudulently used the name and domain name of this company, and also set up a website and App.”

According to the police, it has been determined that the “Tianhe Animal Husbandry” App is a standard investment and financial fraud case. The Public Security Bureau has received many feedbacks from people across the country, and the case is under further investigation.

Coincidentally, another cloud-raising cattle app called “Shengyuan Animal Husbandry” was accused of “running”. The company behind it, Shengyuan Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., also issued a “Statement” on Tianyan Check, stating that “our company has never promoted and Activities related to investment in cattle raising to obtain income, and no app or public account of “Shengyuan Animal Husbandry” was developed.

On October 21, the Paper reporter contacted a person in charge of Shengyuan Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., who said that the company received a large number of calls inquiring about the “Shengyuan Animal Husbandry App” in August this year. We didn’t feel right about the financial management app. We asked in detail before we knew there was a’Shengyuan Animal Husbandry App’.”

The person in charge said that Shengyuan Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 and mainly operates traditional offline cattle farms. However, due to funding problems, the company has not carried out business for a long time, let alone carried out online business. After the incident, the company immediately reported the case to the local police station and Lingle County Public Security Bureau, but the case was not filed because the company suffered no economic losses.

“We can often receive calls from victims now, call us to explain, and then ask them to call the police as soon as possible.” The person in charge said that due to theft of company information and the victims’ rights protection online, the company’s reputation has been seriously affected.

On October 21, a policeman from the Public Security Bureau of Helinger County in Inner Mongolia confirmed to The Paper that Shengyuan Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. had indeed stolen company information. “We investigated that Shengyuan Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. had closed down a long time ago. , The company’s domain name was also cancelled, and the domain name was later registered by criminals.”

On September 4, Inner Mongolia Xinyue Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd. was interviewed by Qilu Evening News. The legal representative of the company also stated that the company’s information was stolen, saying that “Xinyue Animal Husbandry App has forged the company’s business license and other information and used this information. We have developed apps through other companies, and our company doesn’t have this app at all, and our company hasn’t actually done business until now.”

The legal representative stated that the company was established in 2016, but due to formalities and funding issues, it has not actually operated. In June of this year, the company accidentally learned that the Xinyue Animal Husbandry App had misappropriated company information, and issued an announcement to the Ulanchabu police in Inner Mongolia for filing. In August of this year, the company received a lot of calls from the deceived, all about the Xinyue Animal Husbandry App, and they have reported the case to the police.

At present, in the discussion dynamics on the Tianyancha website of Inner Mongolia Xinyue Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd., many users still report the problem of being scammed by the Xinyue Animal Husbandry App.

Police: There are a wide range of people involved in the case and the investigation is difficult

Because the “companies” displayed on the Tianhe Animal Husbandry App and Shengyuan Animal Husbandry App are both in Helinger County, Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia, the Helinger County Public Security Bureau has received reports from several victims since August. phone.

“We haven’t counted the number of people specifically, but there are victims all over the country. There are many such apps involved, and the number of people involved is relatively wide. On the contrary, there are no victims in our jurisdiction.” October 21, with Lingle A policeman from the County Public Security Bureau told The Paper that the reports currently received are mainly about the Shengyuan Animal Husbandry App. The Public Security Bureau found through tracking the App’s server that the server address is abroad and the funds have been transferred, making the investigation difficult. .

He said that there has not yet been a multi-location joint case handling, and since the victims are not in Inner Mongolia, the investigation content of the Helinger County Public Security Bureau is limited, and the victims are advised to report to the Public Security Bureau of their own jurisdiction.

After learning that the Tianhe Animal Husbandry App could not be logged in on September 3, Xiaoning immediately went to the Longhua Branch of the Haikou Public Security Bureau to report the case. On October 21, the police in charge of the case from the Criminal Police Brigade of the Bureau stated that the Tianhe Animal Husbandry App case has been filed for investigation as a fraud case and is still in the investigation stage.

He told The Paper that since August this year, the Longhua Branch has been receiving reports about the “Yunyangniu” App. There are currently more than 10 victims, among which Tianhe Animal Husbandry App victims are the main victims. “We are now Collected evidence and started the investigation, but there are too many cases of telecommunications fraud and the manpower is limited. The investigation will take some time.”

The police said that the “Cloud Raising Cow” App case has not been received in previous years, and it has only begun to appear this year. It should be a new form of online fraud. It is recommended that the general public carefully invest in financial products.

A police officer from the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Linchuan Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province who is responsible for investigating the Xinyue Animal Husbandry App also told The Paper that this is the first time the Public Security Bureau has received a report of fraud on the “XX Animal Husbandry” App. It has not occurred in previous years. According to the information we have, it can be determined that it is a network fraud, but it is still in the initial investigation stage.” The policeman said that the Linchuan branch has sent police officers to various places across the country to investigate, but whether the victim’s money can be recovered unconfirmed.

The Public Security Bureau of Jingbian County, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province publishes anti-fraud Weibo

The Public Security Bureau of Jingbian County, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province publishes anti-fraud Weibo

On September 15th, the Jingbian County Public Security Bureau of Yulin City, Shaanxi Province also issued a warning Weibo on its official Weibo “Jingbian Public Security”: “On the evening of September 12, Mao Mou, an employee of a unit in Qingyang Cha Town, Jingbian, reported the case Said: He scanned the code and downloaded a “Yinlong Animal Husbandry” app, and then purchased Yinlong Animal Husbandry’s electronic cow for recharge. Since September 2 to date, he has transferred 10,600 yuan six times. Later, he found that the customer service was missing and could not withdraw cash. Being deceived. Police: Investors should be wary of super-high-yield investments. Don’t be fooled by temporary high interest rates. Don’t believe in “trading” that only earns money and avoid falling into the trap of online investment and financial management fraud.”

The Paper News reporters learned from multiple victim rights protection groups that most of the victims have already called the police in their jurisdictions, Dongfeng Police Station of Wudang Branch of Guiyang Public Security Bureau, Da Mian Police Station of Longquanyi Branch of Chengdu Public Security Bureau, Tianshui City Public Security Bureau of Gansu Province The police in many places such as the Mai Point Bureau filed investigations.

The Paper Journalist Li Siwen and intern Yuan Ting