In the second half of the year, the tenth-generation Core high-performance notebooks have a variety of options: what new products are worth paying attention to?

From the beginning of April this year, Intel officially released the tenth-generation Core Standard Mobile Edition-after the standard mobile version code-named Comet Lake-H series. Many first- and second-tier notebook brands have released a new generation of high-performance gaming notebooks based on the tenth-generation Core series in recent months.

1.pngIn the second half of the year, the tenth-generation Core high-performance notebooks have a variety of options: what new products are worth paying attention to? 1

Up to now, we can see: In addition to the hardware performance enhancements such as “high frequency multi-core” that Intel itself promoted at the press conference, in fact, most of the new notebook products of different brands in the market are tailored to the actual user experience. In the final analysis, the actual use requirements of users put forward new tests on the functionality and practicality of the current new generation of high-performance laptops.

In this context, as a common main selling point of this year’s gaming notebooks, there are also different development directions in terms of functional optimization. Below, the author will start with a few functional upgrade points that have significant user experience for gaming notebooks. On the previous page, introduce the upgraded experience of the tenth-generation Core high-performance gaming notebook.

Exterior design

“Appearance design” can be said to be a major development trend of the tenth generation of Core high-performance laptops this year: In order to adapt to more business use occasions in addition to gaming experience, and to meet the preferences of more users, the appearance design of high-performance laptops In terms of elements, the gap is gradually widening: some tenth-generation Core notebooks have selected design elements that continue to maintain the traditional gaming style of the game, including the RGB lighting effects of the body and keyboard, and the adjustment of the pre-installed lighting effects Tools to satisfy more display effects of customized laptops.


In addition, with the help of the tenth generation of Core Turbo Boost, game manufacturers can also obtain more design margins in the performance of laptops: in simple terms, it is obtained through lower TDP power consumption. The higher single-core/multi-core performance reduces the heat dissipation of the notebook itself, and the design also allows the notebook’s cooling module to be thinner and lighter according to the notebook’s own mold design.

As Razer known by the nickname “Light Factory”, the Razer Spirit Blade 2020 series is the forerunner of this design language update-the body design of the whole series adopts CNC anodizing process to make the body look more While professional and concise style, it is also equipped with a single-key RGB backlit keyboard with RAZER Chroma N-key non-punch technology, which supports individual customization of lighting effects for each key, and can also be combined with other Razer keyboards and mice Synchronize lighting effect settings with other peripherals to render the overall lighting effect atmosphere.


In addition, the Razer Spirit Blade series is also equipped with a variety of 10th generation Core standard CPU options for 13/15/17 inch versions. Users can choose according to their actual needs for performance and size, as well as various functions such as the display. Sexual choice, to find the spiritual blade series laptop that suits your actual use.

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In addition to the Lingblade series, MSI’s Juying 2 is also a tenth-generation Core gaming notebook that is worth introducing in terms of design: in addition to the low-key matte black metal body design in the appearance of the fuselage, MSI has also improved the structure of the heat pipe and fan inside the notebook. Increasing the number of fans to 3, while also introducing 0.1mm ultra-thin fan blades, so that the overall thickness of the notebook is also controlled to 19.8mm, and the overall look is lighter and thinner.


In addition to the appearance, Jue Ying 2 also realizes 100W PD fast charging by adding support for Thunderbolt 3 interface. With this feature, you can also directly use the original PD fast charging source of the laptop and share it with your smartphone. Simplifies the charging experience between multiple devices; and the original 240Hz 100% sRGB screen is also one of the new designs that can greatly enhance the gaming experience.


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Screen display effect

Speaking of the high refresh rate screen design, in fact, it also introduces another optimization for the tenth-generation Core gaming notebook that can be clearly experienced by players-on the laptop screen: in the gaming experience field of the gaming notebook, with the new generation of consoles After the release, the next generation of 3A masterpieces also began to focus on game screen display support. For example, 8K/4K screen display and high refresh rate support have increasingly become the standard display effects of 3A masterpieces.


In addition to games, the improvement of screen display effects is also important for high-performance notebook users in the business office field: For example, for business office users who have to stare at the monitor for a long time every day, a screen that supports DC dimming It can make the laptop more comfortable for eyes when used in a dark light environment, and the higher screen brightness can also adapt to more display needs; for professional users, a higher resolution/color gamut/color accurate screen is even more The basic needs of work can enable designers and video editing workers to more accurately grasp the actual display effect of the screen in the actual editing process.


From the use of the former, the mechanic Haokong T90 Plus can be said to be a typical tenth-generation Core gaming laptop: in addition to the size of the laptop itself, it can accommodate a large 17-inch screen. The screen-to-body ratio method meets the dual needs of players to enjoy the visual impact and portability of the large screen; at the same time, with the support of the GTX 2060 6G independent display hardware ray tracing technology, players can also experience faster screen rendering and more realistic In order to maximize the display effect of the tenth generation Core + discrete graphics card, the display effect of the laptop itself is also required to be good enough for the game screen.


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In mainstream-priced gaming notebooks, players also have new requirements for the display effect of gaming notebooks: Among them, the Lenovo Savior Y7000, as a product series with a good reputation, is equipped with tenth-generation Core standard pressure processors. The new version has also improved the display effect of the screen: the Y7000 2020 version is not only equipped with an IPS screen with 100% sRGB color gamut, but also adopts the design elements of the left and right narrow borders in the screen design. The software optimization that supports DC dimming is also effective for a long time. Users who use laptops for office work are more friendly.


Under the basic performance, Y7000 also supports the expansion of the built-in DDR4 2933MHz memory to achieve up to 32G memory expansion to meet more performance requirements; in addition, it also supports the expansion of SATA3 SSD/HDD hard disks to obtain more More memory space.

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Game performance experience

For games equipped with the tenth generation of Core Duo, the gaming experience is directly dependent on the notebook CPU. However, unlike the general concept, the game performance that players can actually feel is that the game runs more smoothly. You can also feel the performance release effect of the laptop during gaming.

In this field, many laptops equipped with 10th-generation Core standard voltage processors this year are based on hardware optimization, and software optimization is also a new upgrade focus: Intel’s official turbo frequency launched with the 10th-generation Core Based on new software optimization tools such as Acceleration Max 3.0 and Intel Thermal Velocity Boost Technology (TVB), various manufacturers have also pre-installed different software performance optimization tools for their new laptop products based on their own optimization technology.

On the 8th generation of Flying Fortress equipped with 10th generation Core launched by Asus this year, the built-in software optimization tool of the laptop-Flying Fortress overclocking engine, is aimed at the new features of the 10th generation Core high-frequency multi-core, based on Intel’s native optimization tools Optimized, by presetting the overclocking module, opening the profile customization function to players, allowing players to customize the performance release effect according to their accustomed game style: whether you want the laptop to be performance first or the laptop fan is running Less noise can be achieved through different performance release modes.


In addition, Flying Fortress 8 also supports the simultaneous expansion of two displays through the HDMI 2.0 interface and USB-C interface. The built-in RGB backlit keyboard can be adjusted by the built-in Shadow Blade gaming keyboard system. In addition, the Flying Fortress 8th generation is also equipped with four groups of built-in sound units, supplemented by the software’s DTS stereo sound optimization, which can give players a more shocking audio-visual experience.

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For high-end games, “extreme” is of course not just about laptop performance. For example, the new product of this generation’s Alienware series, the new main game book-Alienware M17 2020 version, maintains the overall appearance of the “silver ship” design language unchanged At the same time, the thickness of the fuselage was greatly reduced from 28mm of the previous generation to 16.9mm.


In terms of the e-sports attributes that have been the mainstay of the Alien series, the M17 has added a lot of new designs to the body design and software optimization: from the prominent copper cooling fin components to the dynamic overclocking module and other AlienFX software adjustment functions, it guarantees CPU performance can maintain high-frequency operation for a longer period of time; at the same time, there is also the alien TOBII eye tracking technology that has to be mentioned in the game function, which is also the auxiliary aiming technology that often appears in the live broadcast of e-sports anchors.

At the same time, Alien also provides a wide range of hardware options for this laptop: from quad-core i5-10300H to eight-core i9-10980HK; memory from the lowest 256GB all the way up to the 4.5TB version; allowing players to According to your needs, choose the version that suits you from more configurations such as CPU/memory/graphics card.

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From the new features of these tenth-generation Core standard gaming notebooks, it can be seen that this year’s tenth-generation Core notebooks not only have performance upgrades and scalability improvements based on the tenth-generation Core, but notebook manufacturers are also beginning to provide users with According to the actual use requirements of high-performance gaming notebooks, through design optimization and software function upgrades, new gaming notebooks that are more tailored to user needs are made to meet the actual use needs of different user groups.