一、你要經得起背叛,受的住冷漠,忍的了不公,最薄不過情分,最多不過天意,最深不過人心。 You have to stand betrayal, indifference and injustice. The thinnest is not sentimental, the most is God's will, and the deepest is not popular.

二、別傻了,一個人的努力,永遠也沒辦法決定兩個人的關係。不是你的枕邊人,也做不成你的心頭愛。 Don't be silly. One person's efforts can never determine the relationship between two people. Not your pillow person, also can not do your heart love.

三、總有一首歌費煙,總有一段情費酒,孤獨的人聽別人的故事,流著自己的眼淚。 There is always a song that costs cigarettes, there is always a love affair, lonely people listen to other people's stories, with their own tears.心情不好的英文個性簽名,傷感催淚,有故事的人點進來 1

四、別為當初的誓言耿耿於懷了,承諾的時刻一定是真的,只是後來太多意外,誰都想不到會分開。 Don't worry about the original vows, the promises must be true, but later too many accidents, no one expected to be separated.

五、我們總是在錯誤的時間,錯誤的地點,懵懵然就愛上那個人,然後,不得不用盡一生來遺忘。 We always fall in love with that person at the wrong time, in the wrong place, and then we have to spend all our lives forgetting it.


Every day he laughs and laughs, only he knows how tired he is. Laugh to others during the day and cry to yourself at night.心情不好的英文個性簽名,傷感催淚,有故事的人點進來 3


You like him after chatting with you for a few days. You have been thinking about him for a lifetime in a couple of months before you fall in love. You want to go back and forth for a lifetime if you make friends who are a little nicer to you. No wonder you have so much resentment and so much sadness. It's the price of naivety.


All parting is not without reason. The human heart slowly turns from hot to cold in every disappointment. Despair is accumulated in every disappointment, and love is consumed by the ungrateful.


Time is the best span in the world, making the pain pale, letting the persistent person choose to leave, and then through the vicissitudes of life, people come and go, and eventually you will understand that all things are destiny, not from people at all.心情不好的英文個性簽名,傷感催淚,有故事的人點進來 5


If you love someone for a long time, you suddenly don't love them. If you listen to a song for a long time, you suddenly don't listen to them. After years of habits, you suddenly change. In the end, time is still stronger than love.


Sometimes people are also pitiful, like people can not get, get not cherish, together doubts, lost memories, miss meeting, hate meeting late, all his life, are full of regret.


If he likes you, most of your temper is called personality. If he doesn't like you, even if you are gentle like a cat, he will dislike your hair loss.心情不好的英文個性簽名,傷感催淚,有故事的人點進來 7


Every time the cause of collapse seems to be a fuss, only their own heart knows how many kilograms of sadness this straw has crushed.


Whether you live in the heart of such a person: no longer a lover, can not become a friend, time passed, regardless of likes and dislikes, but always very used to think of him, and then hope that he is all right.


No one leaves you on impulse. You can't see those sad, helpless and enduring tears. What you can see is just the moment when it collapses.心情不好的英文個性簽名,傷感催淚,有故事的人點進來 9


I want you to know that the deepest pain I have experienced in these years is not the wandering, loneliness or the thorn of memory, but the fact that I met you and easily lost you.


Some things have been missed, and they have been missed for a lifetime. People will change, keep a constant promise, but not a changeable heart.


Nobody pinches the cigarette in your hand, nobody gives you a home, nobody stops the wine in your hand for you, to put it plainly, you have nothing but loneliness and wine.心情不好的英文個性簽名,傷感催淚,有故事的人點進來 11


I've been thinking for countless moments that you're all right. It turned out that I had survived all these moments alone, and then it didn't matter whether you were there or not.


Like a song will be a single cycle, love a person will continue to forgive, but listen to enough songs will be cut off, so people love tired, will let go.

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